Das erklärt Asteas COO: Wie man den CX zur Gewinnsteigerung einsetzt

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Warum einfach nebeneinander in der Außendienstindustrie existieren, wenn man sich einen Wettbewerbsvorteil verschaffen kann? Die Alliance Enterprise Software von Astea stellt nicht nur sicher, dass Ihr Unternehmen unter Verwendung der neuesten Technologien relevant und effizient bleibt, sondern bietet auch End-to-End-Lösungen für das Service Lifecycle Management. Alliance Enterprise optimiert Ihre Mitarbeiter, bietet eingebettete Business Intelligence zur Unterstützung der Interessengruppen, liefert die aktuellste mobile Technologie und liefert Echtzeitdaten für alle Bereiche Ihres Unternehmens – Contact Center, Außendienst, Depotreparatur, Logistik, Professional Services, Vertrieb und Marketing.

Steigerung der Kundenzufriedenheit mit Service Lifecycle Management Lösungen

Astea is committed to helping organizations maximize the value of their service operations. We do this by providing comprehensive, cost-effective customer management software solutions that optimize the service enterprise. Alliance Enterprise software was created to address the intricacies specifically associated with customer management—mobile workfront, asset management, reverse logistics, and service management. Focused on the unique needs of service-centric organizations, our Astea experts conducted in-depth research to discover how to develop a fully-integrated platform to empower a diverse range of clients. Astea has licensed applications to companies in a wide range of sectors including information technology, telecommunications, instruments and controls, business systems, HVAC, gaming/leisure, imaging, industrial equipment, and medical devices. The result? A service lifecycle management solution that focuses on preferred methods of communication including, real-time, app driven, SMS alerts with the capability to predict the way customers think, feel, and act. Beyond predicting consumer behavior and asset performance, Alliance Enterprise predicts how your system and processes are operating holistically. You’ll no longer need to consult with multiple data access points to anticipate billing cycles; the number of service calls and warranties, and more. Alliance Enterprise is your all-in-one trusted advisor.lifecycle management solutions

  • Synchronizes every customer touch point for increased customer satisfaction and market-proven solutions to boost productivity, efficiency, and revenue
  • Enables access to actionable data in the field and in the office
  • Connects direct (W2), third party and contingent service agents in the same platform
  • Links critical systems and apps to drive higher efficiencies
  • Provides user-friendly Customer Portal and Mobile App
  • Offers the latest cloud, mobile, and emerging technologies
  • Improves compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs,) contracts, and warranties
  • Increases in overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability
  • Addresses the specific challenges and unique business needs of each specific industry
  • Empowers executive management, operations, and technicians to understand and improve upon their KPIs
  • Provides instant valuable insights into service team performance

Best Customer Management Practices

There’s a reason that Astea is a leader in service lifecycle management solutions. For almost four decades, Astea has provided a Service Lifecycle Management Ecosystem that streamlines and automates business processes; refines resource utilization; improves compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), contracts, and warranties; synchronizes every customer touch point for increased customer satisfaction and much more to ensure market-proven solutions to boost productivity, efficiency, and revenue. When Astea Alliance Enterprise goes to work for you to ensure the best customer management practices, the result can manifest in stronger business and customer relationships, loyalty, and an overall increase in efficiency, productivity, and profitability. If you want to join Astea’s extensive client base or would like to know more about how to improve and streamline processes by implementing our lifecycle management solutions, contact us today.Contact Us