On-Demand Astea Webinar: Fix Your Technician Resource Gap

2/26/2018 / Workforce Trends / Erica Tuite

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Did you know that 70% of service organizations will experience a field worker shortage in the next 5 – 10 years? Of the 70%, one-half are dealing with a retiring workforce now.

The field technician labor force shortage has consequences that will impact your entire organization. This massive outflow of experienced field service talent will lead to the loss of your technicians‘ knowledge and expertise, relationships with customers, and their work ethic and reliability.

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The other big challenge that field service organizations (FSOs) are facing is the huge culture clash between the next generation of technicians (the Millennials) and the retiring workforce (the Baby Boomers.) Since there are such big differences between generations, FSOs are recognizing that they need to modify their recruiting, hiring, training and development initiatives. 62% of FSOs admit they need to change these things . . . yet only 15% have started redeveloping their strategies to be more geared towards Millennials.

If you’re wondering what makes Millennials so different, check out our on-demand webinar. One of the many points we cover is their workplace characteristics. The other option you have to fix the technician resource gap is using contingent and third-party technicians. 76% of FSOs are currently outsourcing field service work. This is not a new trend, it’s just a growing trend. To learn more about contingent workforces, click below to watch the webinar!


Watch the On-Demand Webinar now to hear from Astea International, the market leaders in service lifecycle management solutions, and ProAutomated, a third party field service team, as they provide insight into:

  • The current state of field technician labor force
  • Profile of real-life millennial technicians
  • How to improve your technician recruiting, hiring, training and development
  • Explore contingent and third-party workforces

Source: “A Sustainable Field Service Workforce”, Sumair Dutta, The Service Council, 2016.

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