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4/24/2019 / Field Service / Integrations / News & Events / Katia Loboda

Watch the on-demand webinar now to see how non-technical users without coding skills can build integrations.

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Thank you for registering for the Astea Webinar “Intelligent Integration – Connecting Applications and Sharing Data.”

In Case You Missed It, Here’s a Recap.

Michael Glaser, Astea’s Director of Technology Solutions, walked through the challenges and costs associated with building integrations between enterprise applications. He finished with a live demo of our Alliance Enterprise platform’s new “Low-Code Integration Toolkit” in which he simulated an installed IoT asset generated alert, automatic generation of a service order, user notifications, and an informational message to an ERP platform.

Watch the Recording Now

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We Want to Hear from You

What did you think of the webinar? Do you have any follow-up questions for Michael? If so, email him at MGlaser@Astea.com.

Stay tuned for more events in our new Technology Webinar Series, and check out our on-demand webinars here.



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