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9/25/2019 / Field Service / Katia Loboda

Learn How FSOs Are Using Cloud Hosting to Get Ahead

Today’s field service customers expect faster service, so connectivity and access to accurate data are increasingly important. Yet many companies spend up to 75% of their IT budgets on legacy systems that don’t help them deliver quicker or better service.

Consequently, 36% of companies cite a lack of IT budget as a major challenge to improving service, according to the Aberdeen State of Service Report. As companies continue to expend their budgets on costly IT systems that don’t meet their performance needs, they simply fail to compete in today’s continuously changing service industry.

To meet your customers’ expectations and stand out from your competitors, your field service organization (FSO) must use a modern field service management (FSM) system equipped with cloud capabilities.

With a cloud-hosted FSM system, you can ensure both your office staff and field technicians are always connected to the most up-to-date information, as well as the tools they need to provide a stronger customer experience.

In our Cloud Capabilities eBook, Erik Breen, Astea’s Director of Cloud Hosting Services, explains the pros and cons of the different cloud scenarios—on-premise vs. cloud hosting, public cloud vs. private—available to field service businesses and why cloud-hosted field service solutions are necessary tools for delivering customer-centric, value-added service.

The free eBook also addresses:

  • The speed and flexibility of cloud-deployed solutions that enable your team to more quickly address customer concerns
  • Usage-based pricing models that provide a cost-effective means of connecting your workforce and customers
  • High availability and resiliency of cloud solutions to guard against system downtime, and thus lost business
  • How cloud hosting can simplify your IT systems while bringing new potential to harvest valuable data insights to eliminate inefficiencies
  • The Astea approach to cloud deployment.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The cloud is not a new concept to field service. In fact, field service organizations were some of the earliest cloud adopters. In order to complete their jobs, field technicians required instant access to data in the field, forcing organizations to send information beyond their corporate firewall.

Today, over 80% of FSOs are choosing cloud deployment for their field service management (FSM) software, according to Aberdeen.

With the third-party hosting partner covering all maintenance expenses, service organizations can deploy and reap numerous benefits from cloud deployment:

Cost Reduction

Without a physical, on-site data center, your organization can eliminate high costs that are typically associated with its maintenance such as climate control, rental of a data center or housing structure as well as staffing a highly technical IT staff.

Data Security

Cloud hosting provides your workforce with instant access to data without jeopardizing security. Your IT system administrator can set specific roles and restrictions to manage access to specific data and system modules. In the background, your cloud provider prevents data theft, malware attacks, handles software updates and runs automatic intrusion detection protocols. Cloud providers are equipped with more resources than most privately operated data centers and thus are able to backup data as often as every 15 minutes, and provide continuity of service through automatic failover, ensuring a smooth running and operation of your business.

Discover the full list of cloud hosting benefits here.

Invest with Confidence

The world of service is constantly changing. Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. They have access to better technology and information and are able to make smarter decisions and expect to engage with their service provider on their own terms. In order to meet their current and future customer demands as well as emerging technologies and business challenges, service organizations must invest in a comprehensive field service management solution and IT infrastructure that is easily and quickly scalable to provide greater knowledge and connectivity within their entire organization. When you choose Alliance Enterprise on Azure, you are able to consolidate your IT infrastructure and propel your digital transformation with lower costs and hassle.

„According to Microsoft statistics, 96% of Fortune 500 companies have at least one Azure cloud offering.“

As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Astea follows the same industry best practices that Microsoft does. Our Microsoft Gold Partner status not only demonstrates our proven expertise in delivering managed services but allows us to engage with a dedicated project manager to integrate Microsoft updates as soon as they are released.

„Astea’s cloud hosting services are SOC 2 certified.“ – Erik Breen, Director of Cloud Hosting Services

To maintain its certification, Astea is audited every year by a third party firm to ensure that it meets SOC 2’s requirements. We follow the same industry best practices as Microsoft to bolster security and boast the largest global network of data centers.

To explore the different models of cloud deployments and the ways cloud-hosted field service solutions can help businesses like yours improve its service operations with cloud technologies and deliver a higher value service while controlling costs, download the Astea Cloud Capabilities eBook.

In this downloadable report, you will discover how cloud hosting can help your company:

  • Improve data security and safeguard customer information
  • Empower technicians in the field with real-time information and tools
  • Scale up and down to meet changing business needs and cycles
  • Reduce capital expenditures on costly hardware and its maintenance

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