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3/02/2010 / Uncategorized / Erica Tuite

The Service Executive’s Guide: How to Compete and Win Funding for Your Service Management Project

For many service executives one of the most difficult challenges involves preparing a compelling business case to internally compete and win for project approval and funding. When competing against many other projects in your organization, how do you ensure that your project becomes a priority and gets the visibility it deserves?

Why do some projects get approved while others that may seem more mission-critical and important never even get considered? Given the economic conditions, limited funds and scarce resources all projects are being scrutinized much more and it is imperative that you effectively communicate the business and financial benefits to win.

View this webinar to gain insights and helpful guidance to help you prepare a compelling business case as well as improve the probability that your service management project will get approved.

During the webinar you learn:

  • Key operational and financial metrics that should be included in your business case to ease your project through the approval process
  • Things to consider when communicating the impact that a service management solution can have on your financial performance, a key feature of getting your project approved.
  • How to identify the cause-effect insight and the impact that particular process changes or new technologies can have on your overall operations.
  • How to map out the political landscape as it affects your project, and create cross-functional buy-in to support your project.

If you are a senior-level service industry professionals committed to improving your service organization’s profitability and customer satisfaction, then this webcast is a MUST VIEW.


Will McNeil, Research Analyst, AMR Research

Mitch Green, Director of Business Value Consulting, Astea International


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