[ASTEA WEBINAR] Intelligent Integration - Connecting Apps and Sharing Data

4/10/2019 / Field Service / News & Events / Katia Loboda

Join our webinar on April 18th to learn about key integration challenges faced by today’s service organizations and see how our FSM solution’s «Low-Code/No Code» Integration Toolkit can help your organization. By Michael Glaser, Director Technology Solutions, Astea North America

Today’s business back-office users are highly connected to information through multiple channels, relying on field service management (FSM), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other software platforms to drive effective customer communications and operate the business. Integrating these applications together can be critical to empowering employees, reducing the time required to respond to customers, and driving business efficiencies around data validation.

Integrating multiple software applications is a layered process. An IT team typically handles the nuts and bolts software/IT effort to make the link between the applications. Business users then determine which data elements need sharing and also define workflow processes.

Astea Alliance’s Enterprise offers a set of no/low code integration tools that can be used by both technical IT team members and non-technical business users, designed to power easy change and connect today’s back-office users to information. Described below are several of Alliance’s key integration tools.

GUI and Data Table Modification

Alliance’s Customizer toolset empowers non-technical users to modify graphical user interface GUIs screens that streamline their user experience, increase productivity by enabling users to focus attention on necessary/important information, drive technology adoption through user satisfaction and add new database elements to drive new or expanded integrations. The Customizer toolset enables change in both the Alliance back-office application and Mobile Edge application for field technicians.

Out of the Box Connectors

Astea Alliance maximizes performance by providing standard, out-of-the-box connectors that join common business applications at the transaction level, exchanging data in real-time to update systems, trigger workflows and keep every employee informed, productive, and exceeding customer expectations.

Alliance Enterprise connectors enable rapid initial integration implementations and can be configured for easy expansion and modification.

Process Flow

Alliance Enterprise includes business process flow modeling, a GUI that enables non-technical users to quickly create custom Alliance work based upon data, status or process changes, automate, multi-channel alerts and communications, modify an existing integration, and create new integrations.

Integrating applications can be complex and time consuming. Leveraging the no/low code integration tools built into Astea’s Alliance Enterprise suite can greatly assist both technical and non-technical users in defining their work environments and empowering new integrations.

Join Astea on Thursday, April 18th for the next event in our Technology Webinar Series, “Intelligent Integration – Connecting Applications and Sharing Data” in which we’ll highlight key integration challenges and perform a live demonstration showing how our FSM platform’s “Low-Code/No Code” Integration Toolkit can help your organization:

  • Share meaningful data across multiple platforms
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Empower employees with increased decision making ability
  • Improve customer response time
  • Streamline user experiences
  • Drive technology adoption and engagement


Request a demo today to see how Astea can help you become an adaptable and dynamic service delivery organization.

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