Astea and Software AG Partner to Provide Field Service IoT Solution

10/30/2019 / Integrations / Katia Loboda

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With field service IoT, FSOs can simplify asset maintenance, improve equipment uptime and ultimately elevate customer satisfaction.

Astea International Inc., a leading global provider of field service management (FSM) and mobility solutions, and Software AG, an industry-leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) software, have teamed up to offer service organizations a comprehensive field service IoT solution.

Astea’s Alliance Enterprise™ powered by Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform provides service organizations a scalable platform that is easy to deploy and proven to simplify asset maintenance, improve equipment uptime, and ultimately elevate customer satisfaction and retention.

The Growing Importance of IoT in the Field Service Industry

By 2025, the global number of IoT connected devices is expected to grow to 22 billion. As the number of IoT devices in the service industry increases, IoT integration is fast becoming more than high-tech extra, but a tool necessary to deliver the level of service that the market demands. The availability of low-cost IoT sensors, higher bandwidth wireless networks, and more robust cloud computing infrastructure is moving traditional service delivery beyond simple break-fix models to predictive service. The turnkey solution from Astea and Software AG empowers service organizations to offer the type of proactive, outcome-based service delivery that can help build a competitive advantage.

Service to Match Expectations

Technician in a factory setting uses a tablet to check equipment data or diagnostics. “Thanks to the proliferation of IoT-enabled devices, customers are starting to expect specific solutions for their unique problems. They do not want ‘one-size-fits-all’ service offerings,” said Emily Hackman, director of Global Marketing at Astea International. “The integrated FSM and IoT solution will identify and analyze all valuable data from an organization’s entire arsenal of IoT components. Service providers can create highly personalized, usage-based service contracts by leveraging all of this collected data on how their customers are operating their devices. FSOs can analyze field data in real-time to more accurately predict, and consequently prevent, equipment failures. This creates an experience in which the customer is more hands-off, yet receives better outcomes.”

“We are excited to be working with Astea as their strategic partner for IoT,” said Rob Risany, vice president of Strategic Alliances and Channels at Software AG. “The data generated from IoT devices is only valuable if users can effectively analyze it. With this integration between Astea’s FSM software and Cumulocity’s IoT platform, enterprise service organizations will be able to harness real-time information provided by their assets in the field in ways that will improve service delivery, reduce costs, and create new service revenue opportunities through differentiated offerings.”

An Integrated Solution Built for the Future

Both Software AG and Astea have received numerous awards and accolades for their innovation and expertise in their respective fields. Astea has been designated a niche player in the Gartner Field Service Magic Quadrant for the depth of its functionality and customer retention. In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Software AG is consistently recognized as a leader and listed as a visionary player.

Through the integrated solution, Alliance Enterprise users can continue to carry out their workflows from the Alliance platform while also leveraging the power of rich field data supplied by Software AG. This will enable service companies to not only cut costs by boosting first-time fixes and reducing emergency maintenance, but also improve the customer experience by doing so.

In this consumers’ market, customers will reward businesses that deliver low-effort, high-value experiences. Field service IoT is one tool that can help service companies achieve these superior service outcomes.

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