Astea Podcast: Reimagining Service to Maximize Profitability

6/22/2018 / Digital Transformation / Field Service / Erica Tuite

Astea Podcast: Reimagining Service to Maximize Profitability

Companies of all sizes are realizing the need to reimagine service in order to maximize revenue. It’s all about shifting your focus from customer retention to providing a customer experience that perpetuates the continuous cycle of your customers needing, wanting, and asking for more. In the new podcast (below) entitled “Reimagining Service to Maximize Profitability,” CIOTalkNetwork talks with Astea Chief Operating Officer David F. Giannetto on how to use the CX to boost service profitability.

Starting from service leaders to field technicians, you can enable everyone along the chain of command to deliver a holistic service experience with the right Field Service Management (FSM) technology.

Listen or download below to hear best practices and real-life examples from Astea’s client base on:

    • How to create a sales-oriented service culture
    • Analyzing the customer journey through a lens of how to make it the most profitable
    • How service providers earn the status of a trusted partner without getting labeled as selling

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Le directeur de l’exploitation d’Astea explique : Comment utiliser l’expérience client pour augmenter les profits

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