Press Release: The BP Group Selects Astea Alliance™ to Increase Customer Trust

7/16/2018 / Digital Transformation / News & Events / Erica Tuite

The BP Group Selects Astea Alliance™ Field Service Management and Mobility Platform to Increase Customer Trust and Technician Efficiency

The BP Group—a New York City-based HVAC & building optimization firm—has selected Astea Alliance to improve service operations and share real-time, cost-saving data with customers and internal stakeholders

HORSHAM, PA (July 16, 2018) — Astea International Inc., a leading global provider of field service management and mobility solutions, announced today that the BP Group, a mechanical contracting and HVAC company based in New York City, has selected Astea’s cloud-based, field service management and mobility platform, Astea Alliance™, to optimize and improve its largescale service operation. The BP Group chose Astea Alliance to harness the platform’s ability to increase customer transparency and trust, improve technician efficiency and effectiveness, and to differentiate the company as an innovator in the market.

“The Astea Alliance platform will give our clients the ability to participate in the decision-making process because they will be able to see what’s happening in real-time and view actionable analytics to decide whether they want item A, B or C,” said John Fanneron, president of the BP Group. “Alliance is making our work in the building technologies industry tangible. We’re able to show customers the cost of keeping their space at a certain humidity and temperature. Additionally, with the robust data that Alliance provides, we can tell them what they need to spend in order to protect their assets and how they can achieve cost- and energy-savings. Astea’s technology is helping us empower our customers to make informed decisions about their service management.”

Through the BP Group’s innovative decision making, quick response time, strategic partnerships, and emphasis on customer relations, they have earned the reputation as the leading commercial HVAC company in the tri-state area and are considered New York’s commercial HVAC specialists. The BP Group’s quest for customer transparency and usability led them to Astea Alliance, which unlike the company’s previous field service management solution, offers a flexible and easy-to-use customer portal and customer mobile app with clean, simple data presentation. Astea’s full lifecycle service management solution provides a comprehensive and robust combination of capabilities including field service, dynamic scheduling, logistics, mobile workforce management, sales, professional services automation and customer self-service, which will help The BP Group optimize all aspects of its largescale service delivery.

Astea’s partnership with XOi Technologies was another key selling point for the BP Group. The company is leveraging the integration of the Astea Alliance platform with XOi’s augmented reality and visual intelligence solution, allowing the BP Group to pioneer new solutions in their industry. “We’re an early adopter of utilizing the integrated Astea and XOi technology to enhance our ability to manage the clients’ assets and to manage our own business,” Fanneron said. “It’s an investment that we know will have a positive impact on retention and profitability, and it’s definitely going to change the building technologies and commercial HVAC industry. We’re setting the bar high, so the industry will have to step up to the plate now.”

Astea’s integration of the XOi Vision™ augmented reality platform will empower the BP Group to validate quality and consistency of field service work, streamline information sharing and training, and increase mobile workforce efficiency through technology built for technicians to capture and leverage visual intelligence in the field. Simultaneously, it will help address the aging workforce and skilled labor scarcity many service organizations are facing.

“We are proud to support organizations like the BP Group that have a dedication to empowering their technicians and their customers with real-time data solutions,” said Astea Chief Operating Officer David F. Giannetto. “They’re on the forefront of advanced solutions in their industry, and Astea is primed to provide the digital transformation tools and guidance to drive profitability and ROI along the way.”

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Astea International is a global leader in field service and mobile workforce management, including all the cornerstones of full service lifecycle management: customer management, service management, asset management, forward and reverse logistics management and mobile workforce management and optimization. Astea technology helps the world’s best service-driven companies generate higher profit while properly balancing customer satisfaction and service levels through proactive communication that creates a seamless, consistent and highly personalized experience at every customer relationship touch point. Astea’s solutions unify processes, people, parts, and information to focus the entire organization on the creation of sustainable value in highly competitive, global markets. Service Smart. Enterprise Proven.

About the BP Group
The BP Group has prestigiously earned the reputation as one of the leading commercial HVAC companies in the Tri-State Area and it is considered New York City’s Commercial HVAC Specialists. BP provides its clients with a full-service experience for any Commercial HVAC/R Construction or Maintenance need. The BP Group and its affiliates consist of seven entities: BP Air Conditioning, BP Mechanical, US Chiller Services, Integrated Building Technologies, Legacy Insulation, BP Special Projects Group, and Visionary Enterprises. The management team consistently strives for excellence by assigning the appropriate team members to each client project thereby guaranteeing optimal production to meet all customer expectations. The BP Group offers intelligent building solutions and the widest range of services to help its clients save money through transparent technologies, effective partnerships, and an experienced work-force. The ability for the BP Group to create adaptive tactics while maintaining strong relationships supplies the ultimate service package to its clients. To learn more visit

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