[LIVE WEBINAR] The Field Service Workforce of the Future

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Join our live webinar on August 14th to learn how your organization can utilize contingent workers to meet your customers’ demands.

Over the course of the next 10 years, 70% of field service organizations will lose their highly-skilled technicians through retirement. As these technicians are retiring, a new crop of technicians are arising: contingent workers. In fact, it’s predicted that contingent workers will make up about 25% of the global workforce.

But as the labor gap widens, the needs of your customers and organization grow as well. An organization that expands its operations geographically and diversifies its workforce, can reap significant benefits from hiring contract workers. They can be utilized to fill areas where you don’t have full time coverage or in cases of high demand, when an employed technician can’t reach the location fast enough. Another added benefit are the special skills that contingent workers may bring to the table that are simply not economical to maintain in-house. This could allow field service organizations (FSOs) to process not only a higher number of work orders but handle emergency calls and catastrophic events more efficiently and effectively.

Defining areas where contractors may benefit you best and creating a strategy that balances your full time and contingent workers is key.

Many FSOs are intimidated at the thought of managing geographically dispersed contractors and thus don’t take full advantage of the benefits that may come with contractors.

Alliance Enterprise, a comprehensive field service management software (FSM) solution from Astea International, coupled with WorkMarket, an intelligent online platform and marketplace for businesses to manage freelancers, enables intelligent scheduling and management of both full time employees and contractors to facilitate the right balance of labor supply to meet your target SLAs.

Join Astea, NSC Global and WorkMarket during our upcoming live webinar to see how you can utilize contingent technicians to fill your labor gap. Whether you’re expanding into different territories or simply trying to meet SLAs, join our webinar on August 14th at 1:00 pm ET as we provide insight into:

  • How to seamlessly schedule and monitor contingent field service workers
  • How a global service company uses the integration from Astea’s FSM platform to WorkMarket in order to fulfill SLA-driven agreements
  • Marketing your field service engineers as a product
  • Harnessing automation to provide field technicians with multiple skill sets across many different service delivery models
  • Meeting stricter SLAs through automated workflows


Can’t make it but plan on attending Field Service Amelia Island? Stop by Astea booth #200 and WorkMarket booth #202 to see a live demo of Astea’s premier FSM platform and WorkMarket in action!

To receive the on-demand version of the webinar after the event, register here.

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