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The Best Field Service Software to Improve Operation Across the Board

Did you know dispatch software can help your field service business cut planning costs by as much as 75% and your fleet travel costs by up to 15%?

When used properly, the best field service software has the power to enhance every aspect of your business operations, including:

  • Contract center performance
  • Inventory management
  • Work order management
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Customer support

Choosing a suitable service industry software solution could be the game changer your company needs.

Astea’s Alliance Enterprise software provides not only the tools to deliver the level of service your customers expect but also an end-to-end service lifecycle management solution. It offers four key benefits:

  1. Embedded business intelligence to aid stakeholders
    Business intelligence (BI) capabilities deliver the right information at the right time so your team can make more informed decisions more quickly, link practices to results, and improve customer satisfaction.
  2. Cutting-edge mobile technology
    Pairing all web-based service applications with mobile apps provides field technicians remote access to customer histories, service details, job prompts, and contact with the back office.
  3. Real-time data for all key business operations
    Accurate information in real time enables your technicians, customer service, and sales staff to do their jobs without hesitation and deliver the best possible customer service.
  4. Optimized workforce
    Field service software’s reporting and analytics functions help your staff eliminate bottlenecks with better inventory management, complete more service calls with geolocation batching, and reduce miscommunication with built-in documentation and contact tools.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Service Lifecycle Management Solutions

Astea helps organizations maximize their service operations’ value by providing comprehensive, cost-effective customer management solutions that save time and optimize field workers’ performance.

We created Alliance Enterprise software to address the core difficulties associated with customer management in the service industry:

  • Mobile workforce management
  • Asset management
  • Reverse logistics
  • Service management
  • Entitlement verification and claim processing

Do any of these processes currently represent challenges to your business? Field service software solutions can help.

Who Is Alliance Enterprise For?

Focused on service-centric organizations’ needs, our experts conducted in-depth research to develop a fully integrated platform that better equips clients in the field service industry. Astea has licensed applications to organizations in a wide range of field service specialties, including:

  • HVAC
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Manufacturing
  • Gaming, leisure, and entertainment
  • Imaging, copiers, and office equipment
  • Industrial equipment servicing
  • Medical devices

FSM software has great potential to benefit both small businesses and large enterprises. But who is field service industry software really for? Your customers!

How Does Using Our Field Service Software Improve Your Business?

You get a service lifecycle management solution focused on real-time, data-driven SMS alerts—the preferred communication method for the service industry—and software with the capability to predict how customers think, feel, and act. Beyond predicting consumer behavior and asset performance, Alliance Enterprise holistically analyzes your processes so you can improve operations.

With Alliance Enterprise, you need to access only one platform instead of referencing multiple applications for different business functions. It consolidates customer information, billing cycles, work orders, warranties, and more into a single access point. Alliance Enterprise is your all-in-one trusted advisor.lifecycle management solutions

Features Included in Astea’s Alliance Enterprise

Our field service software synchronizes every customer touch point and integrates third-party applications. This capability improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Astea’s Alliance Enterprise includes such sought-after features as:

  • Synchronized customer touch points
  • Access to actionable data in the field and in the office
  • Third party and contingent services integration
  • Linked critical systems and databases under one platform
  • Planning for Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • User-friendly customer portal and mobile app

Best Customer Management Practices

For more than four decades, Astea has provided a Service Lifecycle Management Ecosystem to more than 600 companies. Our long experience allows us to build industry-leading solutions that help clients streamline operations, automate processes, and refine resource utilization.Our market-proven software empowers enterprises to improve compliance with SLAs, contract execution, and warranty fulfillment.

With the help of Astea Alliance Enterprise, your company can adopt the best customer management practices, yielding stronger business partnerships, greater customer loyalty, and increased overall efficiency.

We’re convinced Alliance Enterprise is the best service software for your field service business. Now let us convince you!

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