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Business Analytics Services Improve Your FSO’s Performance

Businessman holds a futuristic, translucent tablet computer to review a business intelligence report’s charts and graphs. To win business and gain an advantage over your competitors, your field service organization (FSO) must do more than meet service-level agreement obligations.

You must surpass your clients’ expectations and work more efficiently by using the vast amount of data at your disposal to fine-tune your service delivery as well as your customers’ experience.

If, like so many FSOs, you still struggles to extract actionable insights from mountains of unorganized data, Alliance’s business intelligence services can help.

Collecting Data Isn’t Enough

Today, most FSOs collect data on a multitude of operations—so much, in fact, the information can become overwhelming when it isn’t properly organized and analyzed. Data not easily shared and locked in departmental silos remains an untapped resource.

For example: Gathering data on failed first-time fix percentages is a good start, but this data point alone isn’t all that useful. To drive that percentage down, your analysts need a more nuanced data set including not only repair percentages but also asset and customer histories, parts inventories, technician profiles, and more.

With this kind of rich dataset living on a single, easily accessible platform, your FSO will be able to see beyond problems to their solutions.

Use Data Insights to Drive Your Business Forward

An unprecedented amount of information and service alternatives empower today’s customers. It’s more important than ever your FSO stay agile enough to respond to fast-paced market changes.

Regardless of industry, competitive maturity, or level of technology adoption, every FSO can drill down into data insights to keep closer tabs on service operations and maximize performance outcomes.

The business analytics services of the Alliance Enterprise platform give your team the information and insights they need to resolve problems before they occur, eliminate inefficiencies, and ultimately improve your quality of service.

By delivering business-critical data at the right time and in an accessible format, Alliance’s business intelligence tools help field service managers make informed decisions swiftly.

Mobile phone on top of tablet computer. Both devices display charts and graphs in business intelligence services interface.Thanks to Astea’s powerful business intelligence services, your FSO can improve field operations by:

  • Tracking performance benchmarks in a user-friendly services dashboard so your team will always know the goals for the task at hand.
  • Using rich, auto-generated business reports to link practices to results and standardize efficient practices into operations.
  • Establishing meaningful metrics by analyzing the input factors that drive revenue and customer retention.
  • Improving customers’ experience by personalizing service as individual client insights suggest.

Achieve More Successful Results for Your FSO

After using Astea’s field service solutions, our customers report such metrics of success as:

  • increased competitiveness
  • higher profitability
  • greater stakeholder value
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • reduced business risk for field service operations

When you give your team the business intelligence services they need to learn from your customers and past service experiences, they can apply robust data insights to today’s pressing problems, proactively planning better service outcomes and positioning your FSO for a more productive and profitable tomorrow.

Want to see what business analytics services can do for your service organization? Contact us today to learn how Alliance Enterprise Business Intelligence and Reporting can help drive your service enterprise to new levels of success.