Contract & Warranty Management


Discover the real ROI of transforming your customer experience strategy


Astea’s Alliance Enterprise contract & warranty software is expressly designed to maximize contract and warranty management solutions by offering flexibility with user-defined pricing, service levels, tracking and billing capabilities to support the most dynamic business environments. It’s this flexibility that helps to encourage and maintain positive customer relationships. Astea’s warranty software incorporates robust contract tracking, warranty tracking, and management capabilities to improve field service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Astea Warranty Software Saves Money, Time, and Resources

Easy, system-wide coordination of warranty management, contract tracking, service delivery, and billing—regardless of contract variations—closes the gap resulting in expedited billing cycles. The benefits of implementing warranty management software not only saves time, it enables valuable resources to be reallocated to more pressing concerns. The added value of Astea warranty tracking software on Alliance Enterprise is versatility of support for all field service categories including phone support, onsite services for equipment installations, break/fix, metered usage, and preventive maintenance (including any need for repairs brought in house for service).

Easy-To-Use & Collaborative Software

Easy to use templates enable your employees to create standard contract quotations with only a few keystrokes. Quotations can be automatically turned into contracts when accepted. The benefits provided through the use of Astea’s comprehensive warranty software encourage a streamlined and efficient field service lifecycle from which your entire company can benefit, including:

  • Providing the necessary visibility so all personnel interacting with the customers know the contract status, service level, coverage, and the difference between warranted and billable goods and services
  • Supporting automatic and renegotiated contract renewals
  • Tracking contract modifications and invoice histories
  • Interfacing with third party financial systems

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