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Service center management software from Astea enables customer service representatives the ability to significantly improve response time. Resolutions can occur more rapidly than ever through real-time access to a comprehensive view of all information required to support customers. Astea’s service center management software on Alliance Enterprise is fully-integrated with multi-channel, inbound/outbound capabilities for unparalleled customer support.

Service Center Management Software to Enhance the Call Center Experience

Whether placing an order, updating records, making payments, receiving remote support, or scheduling a service call customer service representatives have everything they need to provide the best, quickest, and most reliable service. Call center staff can use service call software to immediately take action on requests, increase first-call resolution; decrease call times and call center operating costs, and improve the customers’ experience for increased retention. Service center management software will elevate performance and the capacity for providing differentiating service. Contact center personnel are empowered with visual alerts, automatic escalation; scripting and question trees, a full-range of corporate knowledge stores, and fingertip access to customer information, all at one point-of-entry. Contact center software provides information regarding customer-specific contracts, warranty, and service-level information. Service center management software as well as up-to-date field service status ensures a consistent customer experience. Service calls are inevitable for most service–oriented businesses, but reducing the number of calls can minimize expense (often significantly.) By providing customers and customer service representatives with broad access to product and service-related knowledge through service call software, many service calls can be avoided. With the addition of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI,) the service center management software solution automatically captures customer records as calls are routed, further enhancing efficiency and responsiveness. All relevant information is presented within one interface. In doing so, the agent is equipped with a wide range of tools to assist the caller. This includes contact information; problem and complaint records; service and support histories, quotations, campaigns, and requests for service, significantly impacting the need for costly service calls. Check out more features and benefits of Astea’s Alliance Enterprise Service Center Management Software below.

  • Multi-channel queue, routing, prioritization and escalation routines
  • Customer-specific product configuration, contracts, profile and service history all captured in one place
  • Visual alerts and automatic rules-based escalation to assign technicians based on user-defined criteria (technician availability, skill level, experience, customer preference)
  • Appointment booking to support service requests
  • Automated customer notifications via email, pager or fax and order updates with changing ETAs
  • Decision support and call avoidance tools including scripting
  • Drill down views into open and closed call details
  • Literature centers provide seamless desktop access to manuals, brochures and bulletins
  • Enforced rules automate processes and enforce policies for customer engagement
  • Agents armed for successful interactions with click-access to scripts, knowledge stores and parts inventories
  • Work scheduling and demand balancing optimize staff utilization.
  • Seamless integration to service enables escalation to dispatch as required
  • Collaboration via phone, email, web chat and application sharing for real-time information exchange and rapid issue resolution
  • Connectivity to warranties and SLAs enables appropriate dispatch and invoicing for improved revenue recovery
  • Help desk and inside sales scripting allows enhanced service, faster resolution and capture of cross-sell opportunities
  • Incremental revenue opportunities through service contracts and add-on merchandise sales

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