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Smiling male engineer on a call to service electronic equipment uses a field service management platform on a tablet computer.

Revenue from field service management subscriptions and related software licenses rose by 18% in 2018, according to a recent Gartner report. This increase suggests field service organizations (FSOs) are increasingly relying on digital operations to support their physical workflows.

But why?

In today’s marketplace, digitally empowered customers choose between numerous vendor alternatives. Service-centric organizations face growing pressure to differentiate their service offering, deliver accurate and timely service, and keep their budgets in check.

Forward-thinking FSOs understand the right field service management solution can help them achieve these goals by automating processes, eliminating record-keeping errors, and improve processes through greater visibility and advanced analytics.

Four Signs Your FSO Should Improve Field Service Management

How do you know when your FSO could stand to gain from adopting a field service solution? Here are four telltale indicators:

  1. Continued reliance on manual and paper processes
    Slow, unorganized manual processes are error-prone. If your FSO still uses paper inventory sheets in warehousing, for example, your team may have to perform multiple counts to ensure accuracy, while staff in other locations won’t have access to the most up-to-date data.
  2. Unconnected databases
    If you’re not storing all your proprietary data in a unified IT system with a single log-on, your staff is likely wasting time simply trying to find accurate information. In fact, employees spend 17% of their time, on average, searching for information, according to Aberdeen research.
  3. Sub-optimal parts levels
    Reactively ordering parts only after completing equipment diagnostics means you’re likely not achieving first-time fix, and your customers are experiencing extended periods of downtime.
  4. Mismatch between practices and results
    This indicator perhaps most strongly signals an underperforming field service management system. Many FSOs lacking a unified platform can’t tell which practices drive business and earn customer loyalty.

Alliance Enterprise – Features For Success

Alliance Enterprise, Astea’s flagship field service management solution, provides your team a unified platform with built-in, state-of-the-art technologies so you can deliver a higher level of service, exceed your customers’ expectations, and gain an advantage over your competitors.

  • Female and male field service workers use a service management solution via tablet and desktop computers at project site. Automation
    From call center services to work order management and scheduling, Alliance Enterprise can automate processes across your organization. Customer self-service portals, automated alerts, and decision support tools let your service staff address customer issues with greater speed and confidence.In addition, automated dispatch and scheduling remove the guesswork from workforce planning, allowing your technicians to complete more service calls more quickly, all without the need for additional labor or higher operating costs.
  • Integrated Enterprise
    An end-to-end service management platform with a single log-on, Alliance Enterprise unifies all your business applications and data. It’s one effective solution your company can use to manage everything from your fleet of vehicles to your customer relationships.Through both standard and custom connectors, Alliance also easily integrates with other business applications such as ERP, CRM, and finance. With all your proprietary information brought together and organized, your employees will always have at their fingertips the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.
  • Parts Management
    By tracking real-time inventory and parts management data, including mobile inventory and stock spread across different depots, you can achieve precise inventory record keeping.In addition, by analyzing equipment error codes to consider parts usage, Alliance can help you optimize supply levels so you’re sure to have the inventory you need most on-hand ahead of time. When you dispatch your technicians, they will have what they need to make a first-time fix.
  • Data Management and Analytics
    Because you’ll be able to access all your business applications from one platform, you’ll be able to query and analyze for key insights on how your FSO can improve its performance. Astea’s business intelligence (BI) tools enable your team to create metrics that matter, and understand what moves the needle for performance objectives.

Move Your Metrics with Field Service Management Software

To stay ahead of your competition and delight your customers, your FSO must eliminate inefficiencies, cut costs, and understand practices that drive repeat business and satisfy customers.

Astea’s Alliance Enterprise can help you realize these goals by:

  • Eliminating inaccurate, labor-intensive processes through automation, freeing up your staff to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Unifying information and processes onto one digital platform, providing accurate information to staff across locations so they can better serve your customers.
  • Enabling proactive service through more accurate inventory management and parts usage analysis, reducing downtime and boosting first-time fix rates.
  • Helping you link practices to results through business intelligence, shedding light on factors behind both successful and less successful performance outcomes.

To learn more about how our best-in-class field service software can help you drive better results, visit our feature-specific pages.