Field Service Project Management Software


Empowering Technicians to Satisfy Customers

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Alliance Enterprise includes field service project management software to help your entire workforce streamline project execution, including internal team members and third-party partners and contractors. By using a single project management platform for all operations, your field service organization (FSO) can:

  • Simplify project planning
  • Automate data collection and analysis
  • Improve coordination among teams
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs

Alliance Enterprise enables evaluation and monitoring of project profitability, empowering service organizations to make agile adjustments for work in progress and more accurately project future project needs.

Increase Efficiency with Project Planning Software

Project manager and worker reference project management software on a shop computer. Project management software from Alliance Enterprise provides project managers and their teams with a universal view of all project information and work in progress. From quotation through dispatch and project completion, the Alliance field service management platform provides full project lifecycle support.

Process workflows can be customized to support company-specific approval chains so your team can easily digitize existing practices. The software automatically collects operational data such as time-to-resolution, and it provides resource management functions including appointment booking and real-time inventory data. Job costing is made easy with automatic data capture for resources used, billable time, and expenses. The system’s business intelligence application collects and analyzes this data which is then displayed as actionable insights on user dashboards, enabling managers to make timely, informed business decisions.

Integrations for Seamless Project Management

Astea’s partnerships and integrations enable teams to share information across applications and departments for uninterrupted end-to-end project management.

Field technicians reference project management platform on a tablet during a service call. Alliance Enterprise integrates with WorkMarket’s intelligent labor sourcing solution so that field service organizations can effectively manage both full-time and contingent workers in tandem. The result is a more robust software that enables managers to fill work orders both internally and externally, with service calls dispatched from the same project management platform. With this capability, FSOs can resolve service needs more quickly and cover a larger service area with ease.

Another of Alliance’s many integrations includes connection to Microsoft Project. With Alliance’s seamless connectivity to the Microsoft platform, users can operate in familiar Microsoft paradigms but still leverage information in the Astea Alliance Global Database. This includes personnel and material availability, active and completed work orders, order fulfillment, and tracking.

Integration with other Alliance applications delivers an end-to-end solution to market, sell, manage, and bill field services. The ability to share sales, service, project, and post-project data across the enterprise enables FSOs to operate with less overhead, improve cash flow, and earn repeat business by cultivating better customer relationships.

Project Management Features for Stronger Service Results

Alliance’s field service project management environment is designed to provide FSOs with the tools and visibility to streamline project execution across the organization. Some of the most important features that enable them to do so include:

  • The ability to customize workflows and approval chains so you can streamline and automate processes that work best for you and your team.
  • The automatic collection of data on billable time, resources used, and purchasing to improve job costing and expense forecasting.
  • Business insight dashboards that empower your teams to identify best practices and root out inefficiencies.
  • The integration of internal and external business applications enabling teams to share information and better collaborate on projects from start to finish.

With improved field service project management, service-centric companies can cover larger service areas, resolve customer issues more quickly, cut operating costs, and reduce service-to-cash cycles. Give your FSO a leg up and invest in field service project management software.

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