A Catchall Mobile Workforce Management Solution for Field Service


Discover the real ROI of transforming your customer experience strategy


Tablet showing navigation and messaging on separate screens using a field service platform.Powerful, intuitive, customizable applications form the backbone of mobile workforce management.

Such apps allow technicians to seamlessly connect with management, dispatchers, and back office support staff. They also give field technicians access to the resources they need to give customers the best possible service, and to deal effectively with subcontractors.

Astea specifically created Alliance Mobile Edge™ to empower field service workers to better serve all your organization’s stakeholders, from management to consumers.

A Robust, User-Friendly Mobile Field Service Platform

Imagine a single mobile field service platform with the capability to:

  • assign calls
  • initialize business intelligence reporting
  • track your service team performance
  • enable your clients to engage with customer service agents

—all in real time.

The latest version of Alliance Mobile Edge, Astea’s industry-leading mobile application, achieves that goal.

Designed specifically for technicians in the field, Alliance Mobile Edge leverages the latest HTML5 technology to deliver a hybrid mobile solution with native capabilities. The software is highly adaptable to your preferred device and browser and runs on a variety of devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

With this powerful app, you can improve your company’s mobile workforce management by:

  • Standardizing workflows across your workforce as all employees have access to the same digital tools and processes.
  • Boosting technician productivity by ensuring they have remote access to customer and asset histories, job notes, GPS routing, and more.
  • Improving service margins by slashing costs on fleet management and fuel expenditures with the help of mobile workforce scheduling software.
  • Increasing contract profitability by providing technicians the tools and information they need to capitalize on cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Delighting customers with a more personalized experience and maximum equipment uptime.

From field service call management to gaining valuable service team performance insights, Astea’s Alliance Edge mobile workforce software possesses all the capabilities you need to move beyond simply co-existing in the marketplace to rising to above your competition as an industry leader.

Smart, Effortless Technology Working Everywhere on Every Device

Alliance Mobile Edge has a user-friendly look and feel and is easy to learn. The familiar Google Material Design attributes used in many other Android apps make for a short learning curve and help technicians quickly become comfortable using the app on the job.

The application manages data storage and synchronization so it functions normally even when offline. Astea knows customers prize uninterrupted service, so Alliance Mobile Edge also includes a patent-pending capability to swiftly restore all data in the event of a device failure.

Alliance Mobile Edge allows technicians to focus on their job—not the technology that supports it—by offering such tools as:

  • Smartphones showing Alliance Mobile Edge. Team and crew collaboration to facilitate communication and help staff more quickly diagnose and resolve customer problems.
  • “Google-like” searchable knowledge base technicians can use to pull up information on maintenance histories, customer preferences, warranties, and more remotely.
  • Augmented reality compatibility to improve technician training and assist with repairs in the field, removing barriers to speedy and accurate maintenance.
  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Analysis to analyze a vast array of equipment data and alert technicians about potential problems before they occur so they can perform preventive maintenance.

Ready to Transform the Way Your Business Approaches Field Service Management?

Our clients tell us they most appreciate our software’s ease of adoption and functional breadth.

When you use Alliance Edge, gone are the days when the technologies intended to help your technicians actually impede them. With that pain point removed, technicians can focus on keeping equipment up and running, providing and providing a richer customer experience.

Likewise, instead of putting out fires, management can analyze where operational improvements can cut costs, reduce resolution times, and create positive client experiences effortlessly.

If you’re ready to increase revenue, boost productivity, create a more efficient and professional workforce, and ultimately deliver higher value service to your customers, our Astea experts are ready to help you implement Alliance Mobile Edge today.

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