Sales & Opportunity Management


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The Alliance Enterprise field service management and mobility platform consolidates and streamlines the selling of equipment and services, from quote generation through order processing, at all points of customer contact, including outside sales, inside sales, contact center sales, and field service sales. By enabling your sales organization to leverage both sales and customer service data, Alliance Sales drives smarter, more informed business decisions throughout entire customer lifecycles.

Whether for field sales or internal sales teams, the suite provides agents with independent access to real-time data, leveraging the service knowledgebase for convertible opportunities, short sales cycles, profitable margins and high close rates. Consolidated views of sales and service data provide a clearer understanding of operations, enabling a bigger picture perspective to drive strategic decisions.

The system automates business rules and practices, such as information sharing, forecasting and literature fulfillment, so that sales can focus on revenue generation. Accounts, contracts and opportunities can all be shared as part of a team sales strategy approach. Company-specific sales methodologies can easily be modeled, with quotas attached to different stages.

The Sales & Opportunity Management, along with the Contact Center and Field Service capabilities in Alliance Enterprise provide visibility into complete customer information, leveraging all enterprise knowledge pools to increase sales opportunities, margins and close rates. These Alliance applications can prompt customer support and service staff to up- and cross-sell during contact with customers.

  • Sales and service integration for a complete perspective of the customer – including configurations, service and repair orders, invoices, contracts, returns and exchanges
  • Integrated top-down sales direction and bottom-up sales process management
  • Graphic pipeline management with flexible support of company-specific sales methodologies
  • Contact Management with rich content profiles, activity histories and synchronization to Microsoft Outlook
  • Account management for automated assignment and tracking of prospects by industry, etc.
  • Consolidated sales and service views enable more comprehensive business analysis including trend charts and win-loss analysis
  • Sales planning and pipeline management facilitates greater accuracy in revenue forecasting and therefore business strategy
  • Automated sales territory planning allows seamless transfer of information to prevent disruption in sales cycles
  • Increased sales efficiency, productivity and close rates through automated administrative support (expense reporting, activity and calendar management, literature fulfillment)
  • More seamless transition between sales and post-sale service

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