Service and Repair Management Software


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Alliance Service and Repair Software

Performing preventative maintenance and repairs is a key part of the service value that field service organizations (FSOs) deliver. But, with an increasing number of equipment models in the field and customers spread across larger service areas, turning a profit while achieving superior service outcomes has become more difficult. 

Alliance’s service and repair management software is built to help FSOs overcome service challenges such as:

  • Inadequate information on asset lifecycle and repair histories
  • Suboptimal parts levels
  • Poor visibility of forward and reverse logistics
  • Lack of qualified technicians to cover service areas or work on specialty service calls

Service and Repair Management Features for Success

With the right software tools, your FSO can vanquish these challenges and boost productivity, cut costs, and deliver a higher value service. Guided by 40 years of industry experience, Astea’s service and repair software has been designed with a number of features to help you do just that.

Contract and Warranty Management

The first step to meeting customer expectations is staying on top of contract and warranty obligations. Alliance’s contract and warranty management functionality includes user-defined pricing and service levels, service tracking, and billing capabilities.

When a warranty issue arises, all claims can be processed through an intuitive reverse logistics process. From the customer to repair or replacement and back, all real-world processes are replicated with digital workflows. This provides your team with the visibility to address customer concerns accurately and expediently.

Inventory and Service Parts Management

Maintaining the proper levels of service parts can quite literally make or break the profitability of your business. Oversupply causes bloated carrying costs and depreciating parts value. An undersupply comes with the risks of missed business opportunities and slow response times. Astea’s inventory and service parts functionality tracks the levels and movements of parts across locations, including mobile inventory and inventory at customer sites.

Through a partnership with Baxter Planning, Astea has equipped our flagship Alliance platform with algorithm-powered forecasting to help clients achieve optimal parts levels at each depot location. With the right parts on hand in the right amounts, service companies can tend to maintenance and break-fix service calls without delay while avoiding the increased expense of suboptimal inventory levels.

Data Collection and Analytics

The Alliance platform automatically collects customer and asset data at every customer touchpoint throughout the service lifecycle. Through customer interaction insights, both your field staff and office team will have a clear understanding of customer preferences and concerns. In addition, Alliance automatically collects and analyzes data on:

  • Warehouse worker uses service and repair software on a tablet while checking inventory. Parts and standing inventory
  • Parts usage and purchasing
  • Seasonal trends and consumer behavior
  • Maintenance – scheduled and unscheduled
  • First-time fixes – successful and failed

These data insights are captured and displayed in the platform’s dashboards, empowering service managers to make more informed decisions and better prioritize tasks.

Vendor & Third-Party Management

Many FSOs supplement their workforce with third-party contractors to meet market demands. The vendor and third-party portal of Astea’s service and repair solution enables service companies to easily schedule, track, and manage the activities of contingent workers and partners. Through the portal, third-party contractors have secure access to dispatch tools, inventory management, knowledge bases, and customer profiles. By sharing this vital information with service partners, FSOs can expand their geographical coverage areas, complete service calls more quickly, and more accurately track external expenses.

The Service Repair Order Process Made Easy

Astea’s service and repair software brings a new level of visibility and ease to the maintenance and repair order process. FSOs can manage all core service processes from one unified platform including:

  • Contracts and warranties
  • Customer sites and assets
  • Inventory and parts
  • Contingent workers and service partners
  • And more

End-to-end visibility of the service lifecycle coupled with the system’s rich operational and business insights will enable your FSO to execute repairs and maintenance with greater efficiency and at a lower cost.

To learn more about how an investment in service and repair management software can benefit your organization, contact us to request a demo today.