Technology-Enabled Service Order Management Processes


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Customers are more likely to make additional purchases when they come into contact with your field service organization (FSO) for some other purpose, such as reaching out to a customer service representative or speaking with a technician during a service call.

To capitalize on these cross-sell and upsell opportunities, your FSO needs to have a strong service order management process in place.

Your staff both in the office and in the field should have the ability to easily:

  • Review customer service and purchase histories.
  • Generate quotes and draw up contracts.
  • Connect to scheduling engines so they can book appointments for customers quickly and easily.
  • Collect customer payments over the phone or on their smartphone or tablet.

The service order management system built into Astea’s Alliance Enterprise will enable your team to do all these things, giving your FSO a way to make the most of these opportunities to generate more revenue.

Turn Field Service Calls Into New Sales Opportunities

Smiling female customer service agent with headset sits at computer using service order management system to answer questions.Imagine the difference your customer service representatives could make if, by the time they take an incoming call, they already know who they’ll be speaking to, why the customer is calling, and what his or her recent service history record contains.

How much more efficiently would staff be able to resolve customers’ issues in that scenario?

How much more satisfied and loyal—the “coin of the realm” in today’s experience economy—would your customers be likely to feel as a result?

At Astea, we developed our service center management software with these outcomes in mind.It gives your service center staff access to comprehensive customer data, as well as a suite of tools allowing them to swiftly use that data to address customer concerns and identify potential new sales opportunities.

When customers call, your staff will be able to review the problem and complaint records, scheduled service and maintenance, and service and support histories. Having all this information at their fingertips, they can confidently address customer concerns with increased expertise and professionalism.

In addition, the software’s interface presents your employees with information about the client’s warranty status, contract details, and service level data. Staff can use this knowledge to offer clients additional services, maintenance, or equipment they may need.

With inventory stores, quotation tools, and work order scheduling all available on one platform, your service order management process becomes a powerful cross-selling and upselling engine.

Leverage Technician Expertise to Boost Your FSO’s Sales

 Male field service tech wearing helmet and reflective jacket uses field service mobile app on tablet computer in airplane hanger.Your call center may be the first place clients reach out to when they have a need, but your field technicians are your “boots on the ground” experts.

Your technicians are most likely your company’s only point of face-to-face contact with customers, who receive them as masters of their trade. And when they have the appropriate tools, information, and training, technicians are well-positioned to generate revenue for your company by making new sales.

The Alliance Mobile Edge app for technicians connects your field staff to back-office tools and information for this reason.

With it, your technicians have remote access to:

  • Service and contract histories to help them understand the current service status.
  • Service parts availability and auto-populated work orders in case a need to schedule additional service calls emerges.
  • Contract templates, quotation tools, customer approvals, and invoicing to complete transactions.

Armed with information about assets and customer histories as well as access to a suite of back-office tools, your technicians can arrive at service calls as trusted experts who’ll guide your clients about using your FSO to address their future needs. Closing new sales will soon become second nature to them.

Complete Customer Care with a Service Order Management System

By empowering your staff with the right tools and information, technology-enabled service order management processes help your company turn each customer contact into a revenue expansion opportunity.

A team of more informed staff will meet your clients’ needs more quickly and completely, enhancing your customers’ experience and helping you secure their future business.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Astea’s field service software can improve your service order management processes, contact us today to schedule a demo.