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Astea’s Service Parts Management Software

The service parts and logistics capabilities of Astea Alliance Enterprise utilize industry best practices to improve inventory management. By keeping real-time data on stock levels and movement of inventory, our service parts management software helps ensure your sales team always has the most accurate information and your technicians always have the parts required to complete a job.

Accurately tracking all parts and materials with inventory management software can help your organization achieve the following:

  • Higher first-time fix rate
  • Greater staff productivity
  • Faster fulfillment of add-on sales
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Three Core Functions of Astea’s Service Parts and Logistics Solution

The Service Parts & Logistics solution is divided into three functional portals: supply chain, inventory management, and reverse supply chain.

Supply Chain

Improve the efficiency of purchasing and order fulfillment with a detailed analysis of where your parts are coming from, how much they cost, and order to delivery time.

Inventory Management

Reduce the cost of standing inventory and the risk of under-supply by accurately tracking the location of all parts and calculating service levels demand.

Reverse Supply Chain

From customer returns to vendor returns and warranty claims, with Astea’s service parts and logistics solution you can effortlessly track the value, location, and repair status of all assets in the reverse logistics chain.

The inventory management solution supports all of your warehousing strategies and spare parts management needs, including:

  • Centralized & regional inventory
  • Repair depot stock
  • Customer-site inventories
  • Field technician personal inventories
  • Other mobile inventories

Ensure Inventory Keeps Pace with Service and Sales

Integrated with sales applications, Astea’s inventory management software enables equipment service organizations to control inventory costs and implement proactive parts management strategies.

With Astea’s Alliance Enterprise Software, inventory management optimization is achieved with automated calculations of parts usage. There are also functions for managing purchasing, material movement, and inventory retirement. These features combine to create the following benefits for field service companies:

  • Geographically optimized inventory levels
  • Reduced costs of transporting and storing inventory
  • Hedge against depreciating inventory
  • Reduced cost of ensuring inventory

With these benefits, you can be confident that your organization will be able to capitalize on more sales opportunities and speed up service fulfillment rates. This has the added benefit of compressing cycles of inventory purchase to use and invoicing thereby freeing up cash flow.

In sum, the use of inventory management software saves time, helps cut costs, and empowers your organization to improve Service Level Agreements (SLA) compliance.

Key areas to apply this solution include asset management, field service parts management, demand fulfillment, and sales fulfillment.

To learn more about service parts and logistics solutions from Astea’s Alliance Enterprise field service software, contact us today.

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