Service Scheduling & Dispatch Software


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Field service organizations (FSOs) operate in an environment demanding excellence, timeliness, and overall efficiency. Because Astea is committed to empowering our customers with the most advanced scheduling solutions, we’ve designed Alliance Enterprise to be flexible, automated service scheduling software for managing and monitoring technicians. Male technician stands by truck, tool box in right hand and cable coiled over left shoulder, ready to complete service call.Astea’s service scheduling and dispatch software is built around a dispatch scheduling engine (DSE) initially developed to handle such mission-critical situations as emergency response. Now, your organization can use the same urgency and precision found in life-and-death response systems to schedule and route your field service technicians faster and more efficiently. Demand forecasting, workforce profiling, and routing optimization make effective scheduling easier than ever. Alliance’s Automated Dispatch & Scheduling also ensures you can manage your third-party and contingent service agents through the same platform with equal ease. With Astea’s Alliance Enterprise service scheduling software, your FSO can maximize your scheduling resources to increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

Reliable, Real-Time Automated Scheduling & Dispatch Software

Alliance Enterprise’s Automated Dispatch & Scheduling minimizes the discrepancy between planned scheduling and actual technician performance. The system can automatically recalculate schedules as needed in real-time—instantaneously. By optimizing schedules on the fly, your service company can minimize labor costs, reduce travel time and fuel expenses, all while minimizing time-to-resolution. Ultimately, Automated Dispatch & Scheduling helps your technicians use their time more efficiently. With Planned Travel Time and Distance Tracking, managers can easily assess how long technicians take to complete service calls and further optimize schedules based on their experience and job location. In addition, our DSE’s new Just-in-Time service™ functionality ensures fewer truck rolls because it schedules technician dispatches only when the parts workers need to complete a job are going to be available. The dispatch and scheduling software automatically identifies slack time and alerts dispatchers, who can then make adjustments and coordinate schedules with clients. In tandem with overall cost reduction, more efficient schedules maximize conformity to SLA commitments so your FSO is positioned to deliver the best possible service outcomes.

How Systematic Scheduling Results in Better Service

  • Real-time routing optimization uses time-of-day traffic data, which means less idle time, faster time to destination, and faster time to job completion.
  • Deliberate scheduling considers technician attributes, parts availability, and location to boost first-time fix rates, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Client-facing apps let customers get live updates on their technicians’ location, demonstrating your company values communication with your customers and respects their time, improving their experience and helping cultivate their loyalty.
  • Data based-scheduling utilizes information about parts inventory, parts used, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to achieve a model of preventive service and maximized asset uptime.
  • End-to-end visibility of service delivery and rich data insights present the opportunity to work more strategically and standardize efficiency for consistent customer experiences.

Reap the Business Rewards of Smarter Scheduling

Alliance Automated Dispatch & Scheduling gives FSOs a competitive edge with the opportunity to realize unparalleled savings, in both time and cost-efficiency.Using our dispatch and scheduling software, Astea clients have experienced:

  • 15% increase in first-time fix rates.
  • Up to 15% reduction in travel and fleet management costs.
  • Up to 20% reduction in the service delivery costs.
  • 50% reduction in tech administration time.
  • Fewer errors associated with manual scheduling.

When you adopt the right software solution, you gain plentiful opportunities for continued improvements in scheduling and workforce management. The right investment yields a strong ROI. If you’re ready to see how the next generation of service dispatch software can help your FSO strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving productivity, contact us today to speak with one of our experts.