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From scheduling and dispatch to parts and invoicing, the Third Party and Vendor Portal on Alliance Enterprise allows you to grow, manage and control your service ecosystem with maximum ease of use and efficiency.

Easily Manage your Entire Service Ecosystem

Partners that supply services can now easily tap into this secure and customizable portal to manage contracted work and complete administrative tasks related to work orders. Service suppliers can access the company’s product knowledge database and relevant information to assist them in resolving work orders. Suppliers can return used and defective stock, reports parts usage and request inventory replenishment. Received calls that require a technician at a customer’s site can be dispatched by the company to its own technicians or to the geographically appropriate service partner. For reimbursement of service costs, the solution can process both warranty claims for service on products under warranty and service claims for time and material orders as well.

  • Expand service delivery options and geographical coverage (i.e., outsource service in lieu of direct service, or outsource service only in locations where direct service is not economical).
  • Ability to easily shrink or grow your workforce to coincide with business demands.
  • Create a competitive advantage by being able to respond faster to your customers’ service calls with local resources.
  • Grow you service business with adding vendors that have new skill sets that will complement your existing force. Take on different types of service business to add more revenue.
  • Automate your service partners’ access to service dispatch, knowledge bases and other facilities to deliver fast, quality service.
  • Automate administrative tasks such as documenting failures, corrective actions, returned defective or used parts, and requesting inventory replenishment.
  • Makes outsourcing to service partners transparent to your customers.
  • Enables uniform service delivery; calls requiring a service visit can be dispatched to your own staff or a service partner with consistent levels of service.
  • Provides the scalability and security you need to manage and control hundreds or thousands of external service providers. You decide what information your vendors can see or edit while having total visibility into the work that is being performed for your customer.
  • Eliminate operational silos and ensure that your external stakeholders are communicating and collaborating with your internal stakeholders.
  • Easily configurable vendor landing page ensuring that information is displayed in a manner that makes it easy for the third party vendor to service your customers.
  • Security roles that are configurable that enables you to define what functionality is available to different vendors based on their role – service agents; logistics vendors; administrators, etc)
  • Provides the necessary service-related functions that will ensure that your third party providers have the information they need to get the job done right the first time – activity tasks, scheduling capabilities, service order, service histories, knowledgebase and many more.
  • Portal exposes many logistics functions as well so that your third party vendors can easily participate in your service delivery supply chain – accept/reject purchase requisitions; advanced receiving notifications; acceptance of parts; accept/reject warranty claims; update vendor costing on parts/labor.

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