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How Field Service Technology Investment Today Shapes Tomorrow’s Service

See how new technologies in field service software create data that can be used to improve your business

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With expansive service offerings and a diverse set of workers, workforce planning can seem more complicated than ever. But when done effectively, it can revolutionize how you do business.

The advanced workforce management capabilities in Astea Alliance Enterprise allow you to:

  • Simulate resource requirements for scheduled jobs, so you can uncover and address any potential deficiencies before they become problems.
  • Make better informed decisions about your need for contingent workers or third-party field technicians, ensuring your workforce meets customers’ needs and delivers satisfying service experiences.
  • Effectively anticipate and manage demand and operating expenses, meaning unpleasant budgetary surprises are far less likely to catch your business off guard.

Workforce Planning Made Easy

Male engineer wearing helmet on outdoor service call references tablet computer while talking on mobile phone.As your consumers’ demands diversify and your competition stiffens, planning future workloads becomes more difficult. Astea’s fully-integrated workforce management software can help you meet this challenge by managing a more agile workforce with greater precision and efficiency.

Using demand forecasting and data from planned work orders, the Alliance Enterprise platform helps ensure your field service organization (FSO) has the operational capacity to meet market demand. The real-time, accurate data it provides enables your service organization to make the most of your workforce in different planning periods and across different resource groups. It even allows you to schedule specific days dedicated to unplanned work.

Our workforce management solution also helps your service managers make smarter, more strategic decisions by yielding insights into:

  • scheduled preventative maintenance
  • field change orders
  • project demands
  • committed sales orders
  • unplanned work

For example, real-time supply and demand data helps reduce labor costs by informing managers whether they’re working with a labor surplus or shortage.

Other Alliance Workforce Planning features that help your FSO deliver higher value service with greater efficiency include:

  • Field service worker in goggles and helmet references workforce planning solution on his tablet while servicing gas pipeline.  Multi-user access All employees can consult workforce plans tailored to different resource groups and planning periods, enabling your team members to easily synchronize.
  • Smart scheduling – Being able to dedicate time periods to both planned and unplanned work as well as to allocate resources to different departments or locations creates flexibility to respond to customer needs quickly.
  • User-friendly dashboards – Maximize workforce utility by easily viewing technician availability versus open work orders.
  • Auto-generated reports – An automated, holistic picture of planned work, unplanned work, project requirements, resources used, and technician schedules exposes bottlenecks for your team to eliminate.

Stand Out From Your Competition with Alliance Enterprise

Top FSOs are already diversifying their workforces with a mix of full-time employees, third-party technicians, and independent contractors. By utilizing field service solutions capable of complex workforce management needs, best-in-class FSOs can tap a larger, more diverse talent pool to keep up with market demands.

With the help of Alliance Enterprise’s Workforce Planning features, your FSO can distinguish itself from your competitors. These features empower you to:

  • Increase your geographic service coverage area by drawing workers from a larger talent pool and scheduling their time more efficiently.
  • Expand your available offerings because smarter workforce planning lets you find the labor you need to add predictive maintenance services, remote maintenance, outcomes as a service (OaaS), and more to what customers can expect from you.
  • Control your labor costs by effectively adding contingent workers and contractors to your mobile workforce.
  • Raise your levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty by relying on in-depth reports about their preferences to customize their experiences.

In today’s field service climate, resource management miscalculations can cost you valuable business and jeopardize the health of your brand. The right workforce management software can shoulder the burden of maintaining optimal human and capital resource levels so your team can focus on delivering exceptional service.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward revolutionizing the way your business manages its workforce, contact us to speak with one of our experts today.

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