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A Cohesive Approach to FSM and Service Parts Planning

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As your business grows, reliance on handwritten service orders, spreadsheets and whiteboards is not enough to organize the more complex operations you may face. Accomplishing accurate, up-to-date contract and warranty management is difficult and unrealistic without a modern solution. If you’re ready to increase asset life, achieve better asset management and provide consistent, high-quality service to your customers, then switching to a digital field service management solution for contract and warranty management should be the next step. With FieldCentrix service management software, you can take your small or midsize service-driven business to the next level of professionality and profitability.

Dramatically Improve Contract Management with FieldCentrix

Using FieldCentrix field service management and mobility software for contract and warranty management provides your field service operations team with a means to:

  • Record all contract responsibilities
  • Set up automatic generation of work orders needed for contract fulfillment
  • Set up a pre-invoice schedule for billing purposes
  • Define entitlements as they relate to work performed against that contract.
  • Specify whether or not preventative maintenance (PM) and/or spot or reactive labor and materials are covered in the price of the contract
  • Assign the appropriate job site(s) to the contract
  • Add one or more work order groups to each contract so that the periodic tasks required by the contract can be automatically generated at a later date
  • Assign entitlements and equipment covered under the contract’s entitlement
  • Assign equipment, technicians, and materials to each work order group
  • Customize tasking for equipment

To create, manage and maintain this accurate, up-to-date information on all your service contracts, you’ll implement Astea’s easy-to-use service center software, which you’ll use to:

  • Add new contracts and view contract details for multiple job sites
  • Define and view contract types and invoice schedules
  • Maintain multiple types of contracts for a customer
  • Create a budget for each contract by month and year
  • Specify and view contract expiration
  • Renew contracts for user-specified periods of time

Powerful Warranty Management and Warranty Tracking Software

When adding equipment information to your online service parts catalog in FieldCentrix service management software, you can also use the warranty tracking software functionality to add, update and track details on equipment warranties, such as:

  • Warranty type
  • Warranty plan
  • Start date
  • Warranty duration
  • Warranty expiration

With FieldCentrix from Astea, you can maintain organized, detailed records on your equipment, parts and related warranties to eliminate paperwork, increase efficiency, increase profitability, reduce unneeded overhead impact and provide every member of your team with updated information in real-time in the office and in the field. For more information on implementing Astea’s complete FieldCentrix service management platform, please contact our field service experts or request a demo today.Contact Us