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Today’s customer demands transparency, visibility, self-service, and control over their relationship with your company, and that’s where a customer portal solution can help. FX e-Service™ is an extension of Astea’s FieldCentrix service management platform and offers small and mid-sized organizations a dynamic customer self-service portal linking directly from your company website. It provides the unique capability to truly deliver real-time information from the point of service to your customers. This is a major competitive differentiator for your company.

Enable Customer Self-Service with a Customer Portal Solution

FX e-Service gives your customers the flexibility and power to:

  • Submit service requests
  • Access past and current work order information
  • Receive notifications on work order status updates
  • Track when a service request is received, scheduled, in-progress and complete
  • Manage their account online 24/7
  • And more

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability and Streamline Communications

Implementing the FX e-Service customer portal solution offers a less expensive communication method for customers to contact you, which helps streamline your operating costs. The self-service concept of FX e-Service reduces the workload of the call center staff and increases their productivity. Instead of answering customer inquiries, they can spend more time scheduling and dispatching. FX e-Service’s reporting capabilities also track customer feedback. Your workforce can see the number of logins per user, last login dates, and more. The ability to have this information at the touch of a button can help you spot trends, make adjustments, optimize your service operation, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Personalize Your Customer Portal to Fit Corporate Needs

You can easily configure and stylize FX e-Service to fit your company’s brand image. The customer portal software includes standard administration templates that allow you to control the information your customers can see. To personalize your customer portal solution, you can:

  • Turn fields on and off by checking a box
  • Set up standardized email templates and customized notification messages
  • Personalize the user interface with your company’s logo, colors, and fonts to match your corporate look and feel
  • Post service offerings, company information, and contact information on the homepage to promote your brand
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing company website or use FX e-Service to create a new online presence

Ensure Security and Protect Data User

To ensure security and protect user data, your company’s FX e-Service site can be housed on a secure server behind an internet-facing firewall. For smaller companies without those security capabilities, FieldCentrix can host the FX e-Service application at Astea’s network data center to ensure data remains protected. User access to the FX e-Service customer portal is based on security levels set by your company. Customers see only what you want them to see, and they access their account information via a secure login screen. The software verifies each user’s password and grants the appropriate user privileges. Potential or new customers can access a limited version of your FX e-Service site to view company services and contact information without logging in. If they wish, new customers can register for the customer portal directly from the site without any necessary intervention from your back office team. For more information on implementing the FX e-Service customer portal, and Astea’s complete FieldCentrix service management platform, please contact our field service experts today.