State of Service Management: Forecast 2010

1/15/2010 / Field Service / Erica Tuite

Aberdeen Group: The State of Service Management: Forecast 2010 – Webinar Recording Now Available

Discover the strategies that will serve as the foundation for success of Best-in-Class organizations in 2010, and stay ahead of the competition. Did you know that more than a third of the companies surveyed cite the need to improve existing levels of customer satisfaction (41%) and desire to stimulate overall revenue growth within the existing customer base (39%) as the primary pressures they currently face, and that post-sales strategic service management is one of the principal ways by which they believe they can attain these goals? Bill Pollock, Vice President and Principal Analyst of the Strategic Service Management Practice at Aberdeen Group, shares the key intelligence insights.

 What you will learn:

  • What makes the Best-in-Class leaders in their respective fields
  • Where your organization currently stands with regard to attaining its own Best-in-Class levels of service management, focusing on such key areas as service revenue creation and profitability, customer satisfaction and retention, and workforce productivity.
  • What future things to consider for continual service process optimization!

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