Brains II, Inc. is Ready to Deliver Even Smarter Service with Astea’s Service Management and Mobility Solution Suite

1/10/2012 / Field Service / News & Events / Erica Tuite

Selected Astea’s Premier End-to-End Service Management Platform to Optimize Mobile Workforce; Reduce Service Costs; Increase Customer Satisfaction; and Drive Revenues

HORSHAM, PA (January 10, 2012) – Astea International Inc. (NASDAQ:ATEA), the leader in service lifecycle management and mobility solutions, announces that Brains II, Inc., a leading provider of manufacturer-independent IT maintenance services, has selected the Astea Alliance solution suite to further streamline and strengthen their service business reinforcing their commitment to delivering superior service.

Brains II is a privately held company headquartered in Markham, Ontario which provides IT maintenance services in more than 100 cities across Canada. Customers large and small rely on Brains II to help consolidate the Services and Support of their IT infrastructures for improved efficiency, manageability, flexibility, security and cost control. Brains II employs one of Canada’s most experienced IT service teams nationwide and continues to strategically optimize their service organization to help companies maximize their technology investments and minimize the costs and risks associated with managing their IT infrastructure.

“Our ongoing success and competitive differentiation is built by delivering superior service at a lower cost,” stated Charles Hanna, President and CEO for Brains II. “We were looking for a robust and proven solution that could provide us with the integrated service delivery platform necessary to further improve our exemplary service capabilities. After an extensive and exhaustive search for a service management and mobile workforce management solution, we found that Astea’s deep domain expertise in conjunction with their robust solution offered the breadth and depth of functionality, on a single platform, that was the perfect fit for our organization’s needs.”

Brains II will be leveraging Astea’s solution to:

  • Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs
    • Provide field engineers with access to customer service history, equipment repair records, service contracts, product information, inventory, parts availability, address and driving directions in order to ensure first time fix rates and provide the best possible service in the most cost efficient manner.
    • Allow all work orders on the mobile device to be populated quickly and easily, thereby eliminating time spent on manual data entry and ensuring accurate data capture.
  • Increase Revenues
    • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP will accelerate the invoicing process.
    • Provide field engineers with the tools and information to recognize and capture additional revenue opportunities.
  • Continue to Drive Superior Customer Service
    • Call center and field personnel are empowered with visual alerts, automatic escalation, scripting and question trees, and a full-range of corporate knowledge stores at the tip of their fingers to optimize the customer interaction process.
    • Powerful and dynamic performance management capabilities give users, at any level, the tools they need to monitor key performance indicators to continuously drive financial and operational improvements.

Brains II selected Astea for their extensive and proven experience, over 30 years, in developing and implementing global service management and mobility solutions to enterprise companies in the IT Services industry. Additionally, the Astea Alliance solution suite provides end-to-end service management & mobility functionality, incorporating industry best practices all on a single platform, with ease of integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Astea’s solution will provide Brains II with a comprehensive and robust mix of capabilities such as, mobile, field service, contact center, depot repair, customer self-service, sales order processing, marketing automation, logistics, third party vendor portal, professional services automation, knowledge management and performance management that will help to further drive and improve the efficiency and costs of service delivery as well as support their strategic growth and acquisition strategy.

“Brains II, Inc. is a perfect example of an innovative company that is constantly looking for ways to deliver value-added and differentiated services that continue to contribute to their goal in delivering superior service at a lower cost. We are delighted that they chose Astea,” said Zack Bergreen, CEO of Astea International. “Astea’s solution incorporates industry expertise and best practices to support an organization’s total service operation on a single platform. We eliminate the need to have many disparate systems as our solution is a seamless service delivery platform, not a patchwork of systems stitched together, that makes it an ideal solution for companies looking to further streamline and optimize their service delivery process from a single provider.”

Astea is the only solution provider that offers all cornerstones of service lifecycle management: customer management; service management; asset management; forward and reverse logistics management; and mobile workforce management with enhanced workforce scheduling optimization. Astea’s solutions are seamlessly orchestrated to share and leverage information throughout the service lifecycle – removing the traditional barriers between the field and back office. With Astea’s solution modularity, companies can introduce one module at a time or deploy a seamless information backbone across the entire service lifecycle continuum.

About Brains II
Brains II, Inc. is a leading provider of manufacturer-independent IT maintenance services to many of Canada’s largest companies, outsourcers, resellers and government agencies. Our many service authorizations and business partnerships ensure that we receive the most comprehensive manufacturers’ technical support, which further strengthens our expertise and the support we provide to our customers. Since our incorporation in 1979, several strategic acquisitions, including Circle Computers (1995), Focus Technologies (1996), Memorex Telex (1997) and NexInnovations’ Technical Services division (2007) have enabled us to expand our range of services. The benefit to our customers is simple – Brains II is extremely well-positioned to help organizations maximize their technology investments and minimize the costs and risks associated with managing their IT infrastructure.

About Astea International
Astea International (NASDAQ: ATEA) is a global provider of software solutions that offer all the cornerstones of service lifecycle management, including customer management, service management, asset management, forward and reverse logistics management and mobile workforce management and optimization. Astea’s solutions link processes, people, parts, and data to empower companies and provide the agility they need to achieve sustainable value in less time, and successfully compete in a global economy. Since 1979, Astea has been helping more than 600 companies drive even higher levels of customer satisfaction with faster response times and proactive communication, creating a seamless, consistent and highly personalized experience at every customer relationship touch point. Service Smart. Enterprise Proven.

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