Field Service 2012 - The Right Technician

4/25/2012 / Field Service / News & Events / Erica Tuite

For service organizations, the field continues to be a major proving ground in the quest for improved customer satisfaction, higher customer retention and increased profitability.  On average, as revealed in a recent field service survey of 220 organizations, 65% of incoming service requests require a field visit or dispatch.  Nearly 26% of these dispatches require secondary or additional follow up visits, thereby making the effective management of field resources and the overall field service organization extremely vital in the pursuit of service excellence.  For the Best-in-Class, field service management encompasses excellence in scheduling, planning, and overall workforce management.

This document will focus on the steps taken to put the right technician in place and provide an in-depth look into processes, procedures, and methodologies leveraged by Best-in-Class service organizations to attain service excellence.

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