How to Improve Your First Time Fix Rate

4/15/2014 / Field Service / Erica Tuite

Importance of Well-Trained Call Center Employees

For service-oriented organizations, a customer’s first impression is one of the most important factors in customer retention. With today’s busy lifestyles, customers want fast service. They don’t have time to waste waiting for a technician to arrive to fix their problem. From the moment a customer calls your company’s call center, the customer relationship begins.

Before a technician is dispatched, parts are ordered or the technician even drives out of the service center, it all starts with the initial call for service. Well-trained call center employees must obtain the important information. Not only should they accurately record the customer’s name, address and other contact information, but they should also ask probing questions to help them fully understand the customer’s problem. This may seem obvious, but this is often when problems begin.

Importance of a good field service scheduling solution

Scheduling and dispatch are important parts of the service workflow process. It is vital that essential data is collected and recorded into your field service scheduling system. How the information is collected and how the work order is completed will affect the scheduling of the service call and dispatching a technician. Some other factors include drive time and traffic, the technician’s experience and the availability of parts and equipment.

Mobile field service solutions provide access to vital information

Of course, you want fast response times and to improve the efficiency of your service calls, but reducing costs also is important. However your main goal is to provide your customers with a satisfactory solution to their problem. To do that, your technician needs access to information about the customer to fix the problem.

With instant access to information about the customer, the technician will know which parts and equipment are needed to handle the customer’s problem. Access to tools like GPS will help reduce travel times by avoiding heavy traffic to quickly arrive at the customer’s location and address the problem.

Today, mobile field service solutions are an essential part of improving customer service and fix rates. A fully optimized mobile field service solution will streamline the work order processes and improve your first time fix rate by:

  • Providing the technician with the relevant details to fix the customer’s problem
  • Increasing technician productivity by eliminating unnecessary calls back and forth to the call center
  • Helping to schedule the most qualified technician to handle the customer’s problem
  • Ensuring that service vehicles are fully stocked with the most needed parts and equipment

It’s more than simply providing your technician with a mobile phone or tablet. An integrated field service solution will streamline the work order processes from the initial service center phone call to the arrival of the technician and the prompt solution of the customer’s problem.

How can you optimize your company’s field service resources to provide better customer service?

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