Top 3 Field Service Trends for 2015

4/08/2015 / Field Service / Workforce Trends / Erica Tuite

The field service industry has changed. Not only for the customer, but also for field technicians. The service expectation is a “more for less” model, harnessed by the need for fast and friendly problem-solving.

Many emerging field service trends from years past are solidifying themselves as industry-norms that service companies should optimize on to achieve success in 2015 and beyond. Among the most impactful trends are:

  • Heightened Customer Expectations
  • Transition of Field Technicians to Sales Representatives
  • Improved Remote Assistance

Customer Experience and Engagement 

Now more than ever, customers expect more from field service. As more options for service and support present themselves, organizations need to leverage every opportunity to provide value-adds to their customers. To achieve success in a competitive marketplace, smart organizations are leveraging customer service as their key differentiator.

According to a recent Aberdeen report, organizations that reached a 90% customer satisfaction rate achieved 6.1% growth in service revenue, 3.7% growth in overall revenue, and an 89% level of customer retention. Satisfy your customer and benefit, or feel the affects of the reverse.

Field Service Technicians as Sales Representatives 

Field service technicians are the most customer-facing members of a service organization, and are often the only touch point between the brand and customer. As such, it is critical to equip field service technicians with the ability and knowledge to offer customers as much value as possible, including the ability to sell.

Upselling within the field continues to be an important driver for company growth and some companies are even incentivizing their technicians to generate leads and upgrade contracts.

Improved Remote Assistance

As technology advances, the obvious migration from field- to remote-assistance is leaving its mark. Remote assistance provides companies that are ahead of the curve with a plethora of opportunities including increased revenue, access to data and user behaviors.

The ability to handle complex repairs remotely increases productivity and efficiencies for service companies, while also boosting customer satisfaction. To stand poised for a successful 2015 and beyond, consider the importance of these field service trends and the impacts they will have on your service company, and industry.

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