2018's Biggest Field Service Transformation Opportunities

12/14/2017 / Field Service / News & Events / Erica Tuite

As a recognized leader in field service management software, Astea was proud to sponsor “The Future of Field Service 2018” special edition of Field Technologies Magazine.


One of the edition’s most informative articles named the 3 biggest transformative opportunities for field service organizations in 2018:

  1. Shifting from Reactive to Predictive Service
  2. Better Use of Today’s Technologies to Meet Customer Demands
  3. Working to Strategically Increase Service Revenue

Shifting from Reactive to Predictive Service

Emerging technologies that will help field service organizations evolve from reactive to predictive service include augmented reality and virtual reality. They also include wearable devices that can deliver actionable instruction, information, and intelligence to technicians in a hands-free manner. Predictive analytics will also play a key role in improving the quality and timeliness of service calls. Finally, having real-time knowledge of key elements such as technician location and asset condition will also be transformative.

Better Use of Today’s Technologies to Meet Customer Demands

Artificial intelligence will be a critical element in addressing the ever-increasing customer expectations. AI will help optimize routing and schedules and help technicians get faster access to the information they need. There is also a steady increase in the percentage of IoT-enabled equipment, which empowers field service organizations to offer new, value- added, and eventually outcome-based services.

“The big opportunities are in turning cool technology into better customer service experiences—using customer data and analytics tools to empower the field team with the ability to better understand how to create ‘wow’ experiences at the point of service, and use those valuable engagements to drive revenue opportunities.” – Aly Pinder, The Service Council

Working to Strategically Increase Service Revenue

Embedded connectivity will enable field service organizations to add new revenue streams. For example, new ‘Product-as-a-Service’ business models will gain in popularity as customer demands shift from asset ownership as a capital expense to an operating expense. Service organizations will also have the ability to monetize certain capabilities being built into field service management software.

To learn more, read the full article.

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