Aberdeen Report: What Will Drive the Future of a Maturing Mobile Field Service Landscape?

3/01/2018 / Field Service / Erica Tuite

Alliance Software helps optimize mobile field service

Aberdeen’s recent Mobile Field Service Survey offered a window into the levels of maturity for firms across the service spectrum, and the results were illuminating.

How would YOU rate your service organization’s mobile maturity: Immature, Moderately Mature or Mature?

Surprisingly, 54% of service organizations are considered “Mature” because of the ubiquity of location tracking in service. But even if you fall into that “Mature” bucket, what technology must you adopt next if you don’t want to fall behind?

According to Aberdeen, mature field service firms today as well as those firms hoping to move towards a state of maturity should keep these things in mind:

  • Rethink how your organization prioritizes cost.
  • Your online environment is only as useful as the systems it connects to, such as our Alliance software that supports the entire service lifecycle
  • Enrich your technicians by building beyond location.

In Aberdeen’s recent report, “What Will Drive the Future of a Maturing Mobile Field Service Landscape?”, the firm benchmarks core capabilities, gives guidance for which new mobile technologies to adopt at each maturity stage, and explains how these technologies can lead to real performance gains.

Download the Aberdeen report to learn:

  • The top challenges “Mature” mobile field service organizations are facing
  • Best practices for connecting offline systems to always-on environments
  • Key considerations for upgrading your mobile infrastructure
  • How to improve knowledge management and track service performance in real-time

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