Astea Article in Architecture and Governance Magazine: The End of the ERP?

5/16/2018 / Field Service / News & Events / Erica Tuite

A recent article in the Architecture and Governance Magazine asks, ‘Is this the end of the ERP?’

As a respected and recognized software vendor for the Field Service industry, the publication looked to the thought leaders at Astea for our take on the “Best-of-Breed” vs. “Stack-Shop” approach to Enterprise Architecture (EA). Astea Chief Operating Officer David F. Giannetto authored the article to explain how we see the industry changing. Giannetto explains:

“The more forward thinking the business leadership, the more likely they are to lean toward applications designed by best-of-breed vendors who have the expertise to understand the nuances of their industry—not a strength of ERP applications that seek to appeal to the masses across all industries.”

In many organizations, the IT department heavily influences all enterprise-level apps that are selected, including service management software . For IT leaders, ERP mega-vendors—such as SAP and Oracle—are the logical choice, especially if the IT team uses the “stack-shop” model of Enterprise Architecture. But with service leaders (not IT leaders) tasked with revenue and profitability goals, who should really be selecting these critical solutions?

Many progressive service leaders are choosing “best-of-breed” solutions because: 1) “best-of-breed” vendors understand the nuances of their industry, 2) as a result, the solutions better meet their functionality needs, and 3) which means they are better equipped to meet their revenue goals.

Read the article to learn about the major trends driving this new thought process,, including:

  • How Cloud technology has leveled the playing field for all apps
  • The ‘integration is complex and costly’ argument is dwindling
  • Customer value directly equates to revenue, and ‘best-of-breed’ solutions are better suited to improving the customer experience

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