Augmented Reality – Far From a Gimmick for Field Service

5/21/2018 / Field Service / Workforce Trends / Erica Tuite

Augmented reality and field service management

Why pay attention to Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality or “AR” solves many challenges you face today: growing complexity of serviceable assets, limited resources, and an aging workforce which leads to massive training needs for new and contingent field technicians.

If it ever feels like you’re burning the candle at both ends, it’s because you are … and you’re not alone. Field service organizations are inundated with new, complex technologies in serviceable assets on one end, and they are constrained by limited resources and an aging workforce on the other end. Technology must address the fact that the candle is burning at both ends.

Enter Augmented Reality. AR is revolutionizing how field service organizations increase technician effectiveness, train new and contingent workers, and differentiate their service offerings.

Download the Aberdeen Report: Augmented Reality – Far From a Gimmick for Field Service to learn:

  • Top 4 driving factors behind AR adoption
  • How field service firms are using AR/VR and wearables to overcome asset complexity
  • How AR can increase Fleet Utilization, First-Time-Fix Rate, Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

 Astea recently partnered with XOi Technologies to offer a comprehensive, integrated approach to Field Service Management and Augmented Reality. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar showcasing the integrated field service management and augmented reality solution!


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