Aberdeen Whitepaper: 'Self-Service: Create Happy Customers & Reduce Costs'

6/28/2018 / Digital Transformation / Field Service / Erica Tuite

Astea - Aberdeen Whitepaper - Self-Service: Create Happy Customers and Reduce Costs

Providing self-service capabilities for your customers is not simply a trend and no longer an emerging practice. It’s not a way to deflect customer requests, but rather it is a necessary, valuable tool that increases customer satisfaction.

This whitepaper from Aberdeen Group—entitled “Self Service: Create Happy Customers & Reduce Costs”—shows that Best-in-Class self-service providers retain 76% more of their clientele than other firms.

Download the report to see for yourself the best practices, recent trends and real-life examples on:

  • How companies can enable self-service
  • Why self-service programs are crucial for customer happiness & retention
  • Different types of self-service channels and capabilities you can implement right away


Ready to empower your customers with self-service options?

Alliance Enterprise from Astea offers an easy-to-use Customer Portal and Mobile App, providing your clients with the self-service capabilities they crave, including the ability to book service appointments, order spare parts and chat in real-time with a customer service agent. Learn more here.

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