Video: Integration Best Practices

7/10/2018 / Digital Transformation / Field Service / Integrations / Erica Tuite

Astea Video - Integration Best Practices - Field Service Management Software

We live in an integrated world. Nearly every mobile app, software application and website people interact with is integrated into multiple other applications and data sources without anyone ever thinking about it. This integration is so prevalent because it allows companies to utilize one highly effective solution to gain efficiency, solve problems and differentiate their offerings.

That’s why Astea’s field service management and mobility platform is designed to seamlessly integrate within your existing IT environment.

Watch this new video on Integration Best Practices to see for yourself how Astea Alliance begins to drive digital transformation. Your organization will naturally want to integrate new sources and applications that open up new opportunities that were never before possible—creating new service offerings, expanding existing customer contracts and even opening entirely new markets:

To learn more about the Astea Alliance integration capabilities and standard connectors, click here.

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