Infographic: Introducing Alliance Enterprise

9/28/2018 / Digital Transformation / Field Service / Gabby Aldinger

In this infographic, see why the world’s best service companies use the all new Alliance Enterprise™ platform for field service management.

In 2018, companies are looking for new ways to differentiate, innovate and provide service offerings that please their demanding customers and grow service revenue and profitability.

Astea Alliance Enterprise™ is trusted by the world’s best service-driven companies and widely recognized as the most capable and configurable field service management platform on the market. It was designed to help you outpace the competition, win the global talent war, effortlessly leverage third party and contingent workers, and deliver actionable business intelligence to every stakeholder in your service ecosystem.

See how it works with this new infographic! Here’s what makes us—and Alliance Enterprise—different:

  • Astea is best-of-breed: Ask any true service-driven company and they’ll say: talk to Astea. CRM and ERP bolt-on’s are just not robust enough.
  • 40 years of field service best practices built-in: Looking to innovate and modernize? Adopting Astea’s platform is adopting best practices from lots of service-minded industries.
  • Astea’s platform is the most capable: And one of the few full service lifecycle platforms.
  • Astea’s platform is the most configurable: Check out the new Process Flow tool, which gives non-technical users the easy ability to modify workflows, send messages and alerts, and build outbound integrations.
  • Astea’s platform is future-proof: There is so much future-proof technology and easy access to emerging tech. Join the hundreds of global companies that grow and evolve with this software.

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