On-Demand Webinar: A Practical Approach to IoT in Field Service

Check out Astea’s on-demand webinar called “A Practical Approach to IoT in Field Service” featuring Astea’s Director of Technology, Michael Glaser.

Implementing IoT, accessing the data and proving its ROI is very challenging for most service organizations. In this webinar, Astea’s Director of Technology Michael Glaser, gives practical advice for deploying IoT in 3 stages: 1) Immediate Break-Fix, 2) Rules-based Proactive Service, and 3) Big Data-based Proactive Service. We also share best practices for integrating IoT with FSM software, so you can prove ROI before you invest in an IoT platform.

During the webinar, we discuss:

  • IoT’s value proposition and adoption trends in field service
  • Real world IoT use cases from different service industries
  • Understanding IoT infrastructure, security and connectivity issues
  • Making sense of big data through the power of AI

To learn more about how Astea can help your company integrate emerging technologies, like IoT, with your field service management solution, click here.

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