Astea Participates in Key Investor Conferences Across the US

12/05/2018 / News & Events / Gabby Aldinger

Astea is increasing investor awareness as company growth continues by attending this conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Astea is excited to be attending several investor conferences this year, including the LD Micro 11th Annual Main Event taking place this week in Los Angeles, California. The Astea executive team is participating in this event to increase our involvement in the investor community and to raise awareness for our award-winning software solutions for the field service industry. This conference participation follows a successful investor conference that our executive team attended in New York City earlier this fall. We are keeping the momentum going in the investor community!

The field service market has grown immensely in 2018 and Astea has grown right along with it! With a global network of clients, employees, partners and resellers, Astea is well positioned to maintain its status as the leading global provider of field service management and mobility solutions. With our company’s 40th anniversary right around the corner, we’re eager to educate the investor community on the opportunity that field service software presents.

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