Happy Holidays 2018

12/18/2018 / News & Events / Gabby Aldinger

Astea has had an incredible year and we are grateful for everyone who was involved. Take a look at what we did!

With 2018 almost at an end, let’s take a moment to reflect on all the exciting things we’ve done here at Astea and all the transformative changes that have swept the entire field service industry.

Alliance Enterprise Launched September 2018

In 2018, we revealed our brand new version of the Alliance platform called Alliance Enterprise. Alliance Enterprise helps service companies capitalize on many of the new trends in field service, including heavier use of third party or contingent workers. The updated field service management platform can schedule and monitor any type of field technician and offers streamlined mobile tools for vendor technicians. Alliance Enterprise also helps companies overcome the aging workers and skilled labor gap challenges by seamlessly connecting to augmented reality and visual intelligence so that organizational knowledge can be easily captured, organized and shared.

New Astea Website Launched August 2018

This year, we also launched a brand new website, including this blog, so that field service professionals have a central location to access all our educational content. Click here to check out our top videos, infographics, webinars and whitepapers from 2018!

Field Service Conferences Around the Globe

We sponsored several field service conferences around the globe, including Field Service USA, Field Service Amelia Island, The Smarter Services Symposium, Field Service Asia, Field Service Amsterdam and more. At these conferences, our teams from around the world led round-table discussions around top-of-mind challenges in the field service industry including digital transformation, improving the customer experience through data sharing and transparency, and leveraging IoT for a more predictive type of service.

Astea Named 2018 Company of the Year in Mobile Field Service Management

Being named the 2018 Company of the Year in Mobile Field Service Management by Frost & Sullivan was the perfect way to wrap up the year. Astea’s mobile field service apps help companies address some of their biggest challenges, including more demanding end customers, the growing use of contract or contingent workers, and the need for everyone involved in the service delivery lifecycle to have a mobile tool at their disposal. We are extremely honored by the award and would like to thank our customers and their ongoing support and feedback which enables us to continuously improve our field service software.

Next year Astea will be celebrating its 40th anniversary so stay tuned for even more exciting updates!

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