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1/18/2019 / Field Service / ehackman

Read Astea customer reviews for our award-winning field service software, Alliance Enterprise.

When you’re in the market for a new field service software system, you want to read reviews from actual users. We compiled some of the most recent end user reviews from Astea customers. Don’t take our word for it that Alliance Enterprise is the best field service management software on the market, listen to our customers!

The Vice President of a Telecommunications company said:

“Astea Alliance is a full featured field service software that covers almost every need you may have. It can be customized to an organization’s particular needs and procedures, and integration is available for a number of back-end systems. The software offers a full feature set and can be used in a number of industries. The mobile component allows real time data entry from the field for instantaneous feedback.”

An Accounting Specialist from a Construction company said:

“Overall, I would recommend this product to other businesses. It is a great tool to track employee hours, material prices and so much more relating to jobs. I like all of the information that is available related to each specific job. We use Astea Alliance for “break-fix” or “service”. I working as an Accounting Specialist and I bill several of these jobs in Astea every day. I enjoy being able to see location information for the project, the price of services and material, all of the actions that have been taken during the lifetime of the project, etc. We also use the attachment function a lot to provide backup documentation for the project.”

System Software Engineer at a Supermarket Chain said:

“The Astea Alliance Enterprise product is a huge leap in automation for our company. The advanced workflow application saves our team members times as we can automate tasks that our team would normally do manually. The customization support allows us to set the application up in a way that is easy for our team members to learn.”

Regional Service Director from a Machinery company said:

“Astea has been amazing. We are able to manage customer information, technical information, logistics, and call routing all from one place. We are able to quickly implement changes and give our field personnel additional features to meet internal and external customer needs.”

Other Field Service Software Users Said This about Alliance Enterprise:

“Alliance Enterprise is a huge leap in automation for our company.”

“I have worked with many companies, but nobody has provided the exceptional support that Astea has.”

“Astea has some powerful background processes that have allowed us to reduce order turn dramatically and reduce inefficiencies dramatically.”

  • “I would recommend this product to other businesses.”
  • “Great all in one product”
  • “The customization support allows us to set the application up in a way that is easy for our team members to learn.”
  • “The data held in the background is solid, which has enabled more accurate reporting.”
  • “Our engagement with Astea and the result of our implementation has all been very positive.”

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