[REPORT]: Benchmarking Tech Adoption in the Medical Device Industry

1/31/2019 / Digital Transformation / Katia Loboda

In this research report from Astea and WBR Insights, see how field service organizations in the medical device industry are prioritizing patient satisfaction with field service management software.

Field service management (FSM) technology is critically important to any service-driven industry’s success, but perhaps even more so within the medical device industry. To maintain stringent compliance and meet growing customer expectations, industry leaders turn to software that can provide improved field worker productivity while remaining agile enough to respond to regulatory changes.

Astea partnered with WBR Insights in a study of 155 medical field service leaders across the globe to benchmark the success of their existing FSM solutions.

When an Existing FSM Tech Solution Isn’t Enough

As field service organizations diversify in operations, it’s becoming imperative to keep all stakeholders connected internally and externally. Having a comprehensive field service management tech platform is key. But many organizations lack the ability to maintain transparency between their company, technicians and patients while many respondents identify a lack of platform integration as one of the key issues. By implementing field service scheduling software for example, you are able to drive, manage and monitor technicians, increasing efficiency while achieving greater customer satisfaction.

22% of organizations claim customers are already demanding more modern, outcome-based service contracts

Customers now more than ever are expecting the most convenient service and communication with their service providers. When field service providers’ FSM solutions lack critical means for proper communication between clients and technicians, they are missing out on crucial feedback that would allow them to implement necessary changes to not only improve customer experience but decrease their operational costs.

Motives for Adopting a New FSM Platform

When dealing with high-cost medical equipment such as diagnostics machines, every minute spent on extra service calls not only entails a high cost but may also be the different between life and death. Reduced downtime, predictive maintenance and other nuanced service solutions are now in higher demand but are often not supported by original field service management tech solutions. To achieve these solutions, many organizations are adopting next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).

24% of organizations consider the use of predictive and artificial intelligence among top 3 most important features they look for in a new field service software platform

New technologies are becoming essential for forming meaningful relationships with clients and patients. With the ability to see a holistic view of patient data as well as integrated capabilities, information will be able to be relayed to technicians on-site almost instantaneously, transforming customer and patient experience.

We recently promoted a report on Augmented Reality (AR) to see how best in class organizations use AR to get new technicians on-boarded, trained, and exceed industry standards in service faster. AR allows organizations to empower a new generation of technicians with on-demand information and virtual training from retiring workers, improving connectivity and workforce effectiveness.

Download the full report on “Benchmarking Medical FSM and a New Generation of Integrated Solutions” to see some of the latest industry insights, including these key findings:

  • 72% of organizations believe medical field service has either an indirect or critical impact on patient satisfaction
  • 77% of organizations have adopted field service management tech solutions to address Knowledge Management issues
  • 56% of organizations consider their current FSM tech solutions one of their top-three biggest challenges today

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