[WEBINAR] How Service Leaders Meet the Varying Needs of Today’s Customers

2/21/2019 / Field Service / News & Events / Katia Loboda

Watch our on-demand webinar to see how Astea customer APT-SKIDATA meets the varying needs of today’s empowered customers

Today’s customers expect expect more from their service delivery. And not only that, they expect their service delivery to be personalized to their unique needs. Is it possible to give every customer what they want? How do you find and retain ‘customer-centric’ employees who can help you accomplish that goal? How do you deliver more value so that customers are less inclined to pick the cheapest service provider?

We sat down with our client, APT-SKIDATA to discuss how service leaders are changing their approach to customer service, employee management, branding and service delivery in order to delight today’s empowered customers. Steve Murphy, the Head of Operations at APT-SKIDATA who has 20+ years of experience in service delivery, shared with us the challenges that the distributor of car parking and people access equipment faced due to changes in service delivery trends and evolving customer demands and how implementation of Astea’s field service management (FSM) solution, Alliance Enterprise, enabled APT-SKIDATA to conquer these issues.

Shift in Focus to Customer Expectations

In the last twenty years, the customer perspective has drastically shifted. First-time fix rate response and planned preventive maintenance has now moved to dynamic planned preventive maintenance so it’s done when it needs to be done.

“At that time, service was seen as more of a supporting role, something that was just there in the background”

In the past, service managers were concerned with reassuring the customer of the product’s performance with basic reports. Now, customers want to be more involved throughout the process of their product’s lifecycle. Up-time and maintainability of the product or site are some of customers’ biggest demands.

“Customers now want more engagement”

With Alliance, all of the data can be accessed from one location. Using dynamic scheduling, the product can be efficiently installed based on customer and technician’s preferences. Upon installation, the service team has perfect visibility of installation team’s work and vise versa. Any information pertaining to a customer’s work order, such as history of work, warranty management and maintenance can easily be shared, creating a more engaging experience for the customer.

Flexible Approach to Service Delivery

With today’s advanced technology, customers expect instantaneous information and communication transmittal from their service provider. If they can’t get it, they will most likely seek out another provider.

“Parking and stadium access technology is no different than any other technology solution – there are always alternatives”

Providing a more flexible service delivery approach, such as self-service capabilities, not only empowers customers but prevents them from shopping for alternative providers. With Alliance Enterprise, APT-SKIDATA offered its customers the ultimate flexibility. Customers are able to view important information and effectively communicate and provide feedback via a mobile app.

“SKIDATA is a premium brand and we have to make sure that our service supports cradle-to-grave”

This flexibility creates 100% transparency. When customers have convenient ways to communicate exactly what they’re not happy with, APT-SKIDATA can then effectively explain how and when this issue will be resolved.

Want to learn more? Watch the full on-demand webinar “How Service Leaders Meet the Varying Needs of Today’s Empowered Customers” to see:

  • How APT-SKIDATA is delivering unmatched service
  • How to manage a diverse set of varying customer needs
  • How self-service capabilities can provide more customer value
  • How to create ‘customer-stickiness’
  • How to hire and manage a customer-centric team

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