Medical Field Service Equipment—Trends and Tech Adoption Report

3/26/2019 / Digital Transformation / Katia Loboda

Astea and WBR Insights team up to study how field service medical device organizations in the medical device industry use FSM software.

Properly maintained and serviced medical equipment is vital to the healthcare industry. If your company services medical or dental equipment, you need to adopt the most up-to-date medical field service software to protect your client base and better serve healthcare providers and their patients.

Using the right software, your medical field service company and field service engineers can improve service, regulatory compliance, and patients’ health and safety.

Astea partnered with WBR Insights to study 155 medical field service leaders across the globe and benchmark their existing field service management (FSM) solutions’ success. We found most survey respondents already use an FSM solution, but several important gaps in system performance and customer needs remain.

When Your Existing FSM Tech Solution Isn’t Enough

As the medical industry modernizes, the need to facilitate communication between patients and their physicians while protecting patient data grows. Many medical equipment suppliers will need new information architecture to help healthcare organizations achieve these goals.

Field service organizations specializing in medical equipment must keep all stakeholders connected, internally and externally. A comprehensive FSM platform is key to keeping all parties in the loop. But many organizations lack transparency and effective communication between their company, technicians, and healthcare providers.

Astea’s new report uncovers some critical gaps between current IT solutions and the healthcare industry’s needs. Among them:

  • 84% of medical device field service companies already use an FSM solution.
  • 77% of these companies listed knowledge management as a primary driver for adopting an FSM solution—but only 46% say their solution delivers it.
  • 58% of survey respondents listed technician connectivity a main reason for using an FSM solution—but only 34% cite it as one of their current solution’s major benefits.

How FSM Software Helps Meet Patient and Healthcare Provider Expectations

field service medicalCustomers expect the most convenient communication with and service from their providers, now more than ever. When field service providers’ FSM solutions lack means for proper communication, they miss crucial feedback from clients.

What’s more, 50% of survey respondents believe customers will demand more modern outcome-based service contracts within the next 24 months. In fact, 22% say customers are demanding them right now.

22% of organizations claim customers are already demanding more modern, outcome-based service contracts

Using the right FSM software eliminates the pain point of ineffective communication between stakeholders. For example, Astea’s medical device field service software uses two-way portals to connect medical professionals and technicians. In addition, it features built-in collaborative tools physicians can use to communicate with patients.

Equipping Field Service Engineers to Serve Today’s Medical Industry

New technologies are becoming essential for forming meaningful relationships with clients in the medical field. With the ability to see customer data and histories from mobile apps holistically, on-site technicians will have instant access to information.

Knowledge sharing and technician training are also core benefits of FSM software in the medical industry. Many medical devices are extremely complex. Engineers can take years to build the skills needed to diagnose and service them. With the help of FSM software, new engineers can benefit from seasoned technicians’ experience. Training portals include access to virtual training, on-demand information, and chat functions so field service engineers can request additional information while on the job.

Field service software also enables seamless preventative maintenance scheduling, technician monitoring, on-site invoicing, and more.

Utilizing a best-in-class field service software will not only revolutionize how your company services medical devices but also drastically improve doctors’ and patients’ experiences. Access the field service medical report below to learn more about overcoming medical industry tech challenges and making a greater impact on patient satisfaction.

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