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3/28/2019 / Field Service / Katia Loboda

3 Building Blocks Separating Best-in-Class Field Service Organizations from The Rest

Service organizations are racing to compete with best-in-class service leaders. But becoming a preeminent leader is challenging for many field service organizations. Today’s customers expect their service delivery to be fast and personalized to their unique needs. To do so, companies must align their operational strategies with service expectations. While many struggle to succeed, best-in-class organizations are tackling some of the industry’s top challenges and setting themselves apart.

We partnered with Aberdeen to bring you the State of Service 2019 on-demand webinar outlining the top challenges faced by today’s best-in-class service firms and what technologies and strategies they are using to overcome them.

Don’t have time to watch the full webinar? No problem. We compiled 3 short videos outlining the three main building blocks that set best-in-class service organizations apart.

Use of Contingent Labor

With the growing shortage of workers that possess the right skills in today’s field service industry, many service organizations are often left with a gap in their workforce. A combination of retiring baby-boomers and astronomical advancements in technology, companies are struggling to keep up with necessary skills and the rising cost associated with skilled workers.

As companies pursue individuals who possess specialized traits to complete complex projects, contingent labor is often the most viable and cost-efficient solution. While full-time, highly skilled workers are costly, the costs are justifiable when they’re hired on a per-need basis. But in order to fully utilize contingent labor, companies must effectively onboard and manage these temporary employees. Best-in-class organizations are diligent from hiring to on-boarding to performance management of contingent labor. Service leaders measure the skills of contingent workers against the competencies that are set in place for best-in-class technicians. With a rigorous on-boarding process in place, they educate on brand value, performance standards and customer expectations. Combining traditional performance and non-financial rewards incentives, allows service leaders to attract and retain contingent labor and accurately measure its contribution to the overall organizational performance.

See how our customer NSC Global leveraged Alliance Enterprise field service management software to unify, optimize and grow its complex international service operation.

Effective Knowledge Management

In order to succeed in today’s field service industry, companies must ensure that employees understand their customers and define behaviors to cater to their needs. This requires effective knowledge management, which isn’t necessary about the information, but more importantly about the workforce and technology that utilizes the information at hand.

17% of a service worker’s time is spent looking for the information they need to do their job

Inability to access the right information at the right time could be a difference between a sale and loss of a customer. Best-in-class organizations understand the importance of enabling its workforce with easier access to the knowledge-base articles they need to do their job. In fact, they are 50-60% more likely to build a centralized repository and provide employees with easier access through the tools they use. Implementing a successful knowledge management software is key.

With Alliance Enterprise knowledge management software, employees have real-time access to a plethora of information. This enables employees to closely monitor customers’ journey and provide tailored experiences based on their behavior. Field service technicians may access account information and customer history to make their next interaction more personalized with the ability to up and cross-sell with the highest degree of service.

See how The BP Group created customer transparency and trust and differentiated as an innovator in the market by deploying Alliance Enterprise.

Delighting Empowered Customers

The role of customers is now more important than ever and top performing organizations understand the importance of creating brand loyalty through personalized customer experiences. In order to do so, they must first define key metrics and KPIs such as customer satisfaction. By aligning organizational activities with the needs and expectations of customers, organizations are better able to train employees to be customer-centric and effectively gauge their performance.

When employees are taught to analyze historical data based on previous experiences, they can respond to customers’ expectations faster and create personalized experiences. Top performers are turning to field service management solutions to increase customer engagement and obtain more intuitive data that makes employees more in tune with customers’ needs. With Alliance Customer Portal and Mobile App, customers are empowered to complete transactions such as booking an appointment or chat with a service technician on their own time on-the-go. By offering advanced means of communication, an organization can transform its customer from a basic consumer to a brand loyalist.

Best-in-class companies achieve 37.5% year-over-year improvement in customer satisfaction rate

To ensure a consistent customer satisfaction rate, service leaders align their employee performance activities with their customer experience (CX) goals. By analyzing customer satisfaction data, companies can determine employees’ coaching and training needs to drive desired results. Employee rewards such as recognition programs are set in place to motivate and retain top-performing employees. Leveraging knowledgeable and customer-centric employees, can help organizations build a positive brand image and strong customer loyalty.

Interested in learning more? Watch the Aberdeen State of Service 2019 on-demand webinar now to explore:

  • Top objectives driving service leaders’ agendas in 2019
  • How to build and maintain a workforce to effectively address customer needs
  • How best-in-class firms use knowledge management to achieve service excellence
  • The critical role of contingent labor in modern service management
  • How emerging technologies like AI transform data into action

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