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4/02/2019 / Field Service / Brielle Guzzo

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Giving good service is no longer enough. Consumers also demand a fulfilling experience. This reality defines today’s experience economy.

To remain competitive, field service businesses must extend their value offering by delivering reliable service and delighting customers.

Participants at the upcoming Field Service Summit in Coventry, England will explore the experience economy. Industry thought leaders like Bill Pollock and Andy Neely will survey its challenging state and reveal key ways to succeed in it.

Whether or not you’re attending the conference in the UK, you need field service management software to help your business navigate the experience economy. We at Astea invite you to think of this post as a brief guide to using technology to provide great service and create memorable customer experiences.

What Defines Delightful Customer Service?

As UK Field Service Summit attendees will hear, consumers dictate the terms of service in the experience economy. They’re looking not only for quality service but also an experience in which companies meet their needs with speed and accuracy. If providers don’t “delight” them, they’ll go looking for others who will.

A delightful customer experience includes:

  • Short delivery lead time, because customers don’t like to be kept waiting.
  • Robust and quick customer support, because customers want questions answered and problems solved ASAP.
  • Easy self-service options, because customers enjoy controlling as much of their experience as they can.
  • Personalization of service, because customers appreciate knowing companies value their specific situations.
  • Effortless returns process, because customers hate hassle.

Field service management applications can position your business for experience economy success by helping you delight customers in several of these areas.

Connect Your Workforce and Your Customers

Thanks to information technology and mobile devices, consumers are well informed and used to swift communication. They research products from their smartphones before buying, and use mobile apps for everything from navigation to video chatting across continents. Consumers are more connected than ever. Your workforce needs to be too.

With mobile service management software like Astea’s Alliance Enterprise, field technicians have remote access to information traditionally only available to office staff, including:

  • Customer histories and repair histories, so techs don’t walk into a service situation without knowledge of customers’ previous interactions with your company.
  • Parts availability, so repair staff can be certain they can deliver on material promises.
  • Technical product specifications, putting all the data technicians need at their fingertips so they can answer customer questions.

field service management software UKIn addition, mobile apps allow technicians to conduct customer satisfaction surveys (so you’ll know whether your company’s delivering delightful experiences) and collect payment on job completion (keeping your cash flow healthy).

Full-featured field service solutions also connect your customers more closely to the service they’re receiving. For example, thanks to Astea’s 360-degree service capabilities, customers can complete all these routine actions themselves, freeing your staff to take care of more pressing tasks:

  • Book an appointment
  • Chat with your team
  • Track a technician’s location and ETA
  • View previous service tickets

Mobile connectivity enables field personnel to consistently respond to service calls with the knowledge and parts they need, and enhances customers’ overall experience by letting them actively participate in service delivery.

Enhance Your Customer Service

Field service management software strengthens customer service.

Because it gives your call center staff a holistic view of organizational resources and customer information, as well as multiple channels of contact, it can function as a field service CRM platform, empowering staff to provide reliable solutions that require little or no effort from customers.

Some tools in field service call management software that improve call center performance include:

  • Visual alerts, ensuring staff catch and address customer service problems early.
  • Automatic escalations, which help minimize customer dissatisfaction by putting them in touch with managers much more quickly.
  • Scripting and questions trees, so your representatives can efficiently manage customer interactions.
  • Knowledge stores, making it easy for staff to answer questions quickly and authoritatively, thus building customer confidence.

The right field service solution supports a better customer experience by automatically collecting data at every customer touch point, helping organizations improve processes and deliver highly personalized customer experiences.

Integrated Your Business Applications

Most organizations collect vast amounts of data from various areas of the business: purchasing, inventory, vehicle fleet use, customer support ticketing, and more.

To turn data into actionable learning, business applications need to “talk” to each other. Field service management software can integrate your core business apps into one platform with shared databases. The software makes this comprehensive information set accessible to staff, whether in the office or the field, through user-friendly portals.

By compiling and analyzing data across departments, artificial intelligence-powered applications enable your business to shift to a model of preventative service. This shift allows you to exceed customer expectations by optimizing supply and parts replenishment, anticipating service calls, improving inventory planning, and, most importantly, executing work orders efficiently.

Let Astea Help You Leverage Technology to Delight your Customers

While the experience economy presents many challenges for field service businesses, it also provides them opportunities to specialize their value offering. By leveraging technology to better connect stakeholders, enhance customer service, and refine processes, field service organizations can win customer business and loyalty.

To discover the customer-centric technology upgrades Astea can help you make, contact us today.

Attending the Field Service Summit in the UK? So are we! Visit our booth to learn how Astea’s field service management software can help prepare you for the experience economy.

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