[WEBINAR] Astea Client NSC Global Wins More Deals With Alliance Enterprise

4/03/2019 / Field Service / Integrations / Katia Loboda

Learn how a global IT services provider delivers more customer value through scheduling optimization.

As your field service organization (FSO) becomes more complex, are you challenged with integration gaps between your software systems? Are you able to optimize technician schedules across different worker types, skill sets, product lines and customer SLAs? Are you struggling to leverage contingent workers? Most importantly, has your field service management (FSM) platform helped you win new deals?

Astea’s customer NSC Global has done all these things, and will tell you how, in this webinar. Watch the on-demand webinar featuring Benyam Negusso, Sr. Director of Global Field Engineering Services Operations & Tooling of NSC Global to learn more.

As a global IT services provider with a thousands of employees speaking 40 languages on all seven continents, NSC Global needed a comprehensive field service management (FSM) solution that allowed easy integration to create data transparency and to streamline the complexity of its growing service operations. Leveraging Astea’s FSM solution, Alliance Enterprise, NSC Global achieved efficiency in seamlessly managing contingent workers in one platform while optimizing costs and productivity.

Optimize Schedules Across Complex Workforces

When dealing with complex service operations including multiple worker types with different skill sets, performing multiple types of service activities, it could become extremely difficult to efficiently manage scheduling and employee utilization rate. Astea’s Dynamic Scheduling Engine (DSE), part of its Alliance Enterprise FSM platform, enabled NSC Global to optimize schedules across its diverse workforce that is composed of thousands of full-time, contingent and third-party workers.

“We have different types of field engineers that we provide to our customers with different skill sets, and the end result of using Astea’s Alliance platform to optimize their scheduling is that we can provide service faster, cheaper, and better.” – Benyam Negusso, NSC Global.

The DSE eliminates the manual work of trying to figure out worker assignment and locks the right service technician within the specified ETA time-frame that is committed to the customer. This leads to increased employee utilization rates and reduced labor costs, allowing NSC Global to fulfill its service delivery agreements, both SLA-driven or KPI-driven, in the most efficient way while minimizing administrative and manual tasks.

“Some people refer to Astea’s DSE as a ticketing system, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a scheduling, activity assurance, skill set tracking, as well as an integration capable tool. When we engage with any customer, one of the things that we discuss is how do we actually serve and fulfill our service delivery agreements? By using Astea’s scheduling optimization tool.” – Benyam Negusso, NSC Global.

Automated Workflows

Today’s FSOs are constantly looking for ways to automate as many manual processes as possible and integration is a huge part of this automation initiative. Proper integration tools can help your organization significantly reduce operational costs, improve productivity, deploy new customer accounts faster and attract new business. Responsible for ordering parts on behalf of its customers, NSC Global was tasked with effectively service its customers while balancing numerous vendors and service contract commitments.

“As customer experience (CX) becomes more important, being able to proactively communicate with customers is a huge part of a good CX. And that’s what the workflow engine enables us to do.” – Benyam Negusso, NSC Global.

Using Alliance’s new process flow engine, specifically logistics workflow, NSC Global is able to do just that. This tool allows the service provider to easily manage complex processes with its ability to perform part orders as well as integrate with vendors’ financial systems to acquire a purchase order number and automatically send out notifications to customers with updates on their order. These custom workflows allow for creation of a unique combination of processes with ability to proactively communicate with customers, ultimately delivering a better customer experience.

Integration as Automation and Innovation Initiative

In today’s world of software integration, companies can solve problems faster, gain efficiency and differentiate their offerings through a fully connected FSM platform. For service-driven organizations like NSC Global, who manages a diverse workforce, including contingent labor, running its organization as a fully integrated enterprise is prudent. With unpredictable economy and unexpected organizational change, it’s difficult to forecast demand. Since no business can afford to have employees sitting on the bench, organizations are quickly realizing the advantages of contingent labor and are increasingly hiring contract workers on a per need basis.

“As you start to mature with your business processes, remember one thing that you want to do is eliminate manual tasks. That is why we worked with Astea to build a bidirectional integration from the Alliance platform to WorkMarket. This integration helps us optimize our operations even more.” – Benyam Negusso, NSC Global.

NSC Global realized the cost and time savings potential and integrated WorkMarket, online platform and marketplace for businesses to manage freelancers and contractors, with their existing FSM. Management is now able to view potential candidates’ achievements and skill set as well as record this information and hire service technicians directly through Alliance. By eliminating manual tasks and shortening the hiring process, NSC Global benefits from additional savings.

“The more you integrate, especially with any CRM tool, the faster you can deploy new customer accounts. You are able to eliminate or significantly reduce your operational costs and increase your productivity level. If you’re going to be successful, these are key in your operational development model.” – Benyam Negusso, NSC Global.

Contingent workers are a fast and effective way to augment an organization’s workforce and respond to change in demand. The seamless integration between its FSM platform and WorkMarket, allows NSC Global to staff projects accordingly and add new skills to its existing workforce while accelerating growth.

Watch the full on-demand webinar to see how using our cutting edge FSM platform, which includes scheduling optimization, automated workflows and integration tools, helped NSC Global win more deals and deliver higher value to its customers. Learn how NSC Global was able to:

  • Optimize costs and profits and meet stricter SLAs
  • Create data transparency and deploy new customer accounts faster
  • Optimize schedules across complex workforces, including contingent technicians
  • Win new business opportunities
  • Implement integration as part of their automation and innovation initiative

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