How Best-in-Class Field Service Companies Use Workforce Management Solutions

5/28/2019 / Digital Transformation / Katia Loboda

workforce management solutions

Discover Three Ways a WFM Solution Can Help Make Your Business a Leader

What sets the field service industry’s best-in-class companies apart from the rest?

A recent Aberdeen study found best-in-class organizations report:

  • 55% greater customer retention
  • 16x year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth
  • 2x greater improvement in YoY first-time fix rate

How do these businesses get such impressive results—and how can yours do the same?

When you adopt a workforce management (WFM) solution, you can transform your workforce, improve worker training, and create a better consumer experience (CX).

To see more results from the Aberdeen study, watch a special on-demand webinar here.

To better understand how WFM solutions can give you the competitive edge you’re looking for, let’s explore how they improve each of these three important areas:

  • Equipping Your Field Technicians for Efficiency
  • Making the Most of Your Customers’ Data
  • Managing Age Diversity in Your Workforce

Equipping Your Field Technicians for Efficiency

What do 52% of field service customers consider the most important factor in their satisfaction, according to Field Service News? Getting their problem fixed on your first visit.

Meeting consumer expectations means managing your mobile workforce so it is well-informed about your clientele and has on hand all material necessary for finishing the job. But equipping your team members with all the tools and information they need, when they need it, can prove challenging. In fact, the Aberdeen State of Service report found one of the biggest hurdles businesses must overcome to achieve best-in-class status is employee inefficiency.

Using Astea’s Alliance Enterprise, you can boost efficiency by closing information gaps between field technicians and back office workers. You can connect on-site techs to the same applications and customer data that office personnel can access. The mobile application allows technicians to view inventory management, dispatching, and routing systems; interact with customer portals; and collect payment on-site with invoicing tools.

The result? More jobs completed on time, the first time. More efficient workers means more satisfied customers!

Making the Most of Your Customers’ Data

workforce management solutionsKnowledge management—using data to improve both internal and external CX—is a big part of optimizing your mobile workforce. Unfortunately, many field service companies have yet to upgrade their knowledge management practices with up-to-date technology. Consequently, they’re failing to meet consumer expectations.

Aberdeen’s State of Service report found only 27% of service companies felt fully satisfied with their ability to use customer data. The report also found best-in-class companies were 50% more likely to use knowledge management systems.

To deliver better service as well as improve growth metrics, field service businesses need to more effectively collect, analyze, and act on service lifecycle data.

Astea’s Alliance Enterprise automatically collects data at every customer touchpoint, allowing you to better understand your customers and fine-tune your processes and practices to suit their needs. What you learn about customer interactions and effort throughout the buyer’s journey also gives you information you need to build self-service programs and better train your employees to solve customers’ most common problems.

Managing Age Diversity in Your Workforce

People who are 45 years and older now staff a majority of skilled trade professions. Managing this aging workforce presents a challenge. You don’t want veteran technicians’ skills and experience retiring when they do!

The good news is the right workforce management solution will help you pass vocational skills and knowledge on to the next generation of both full-time and contingent workers. Many field service companies now find themselves recruiting millennials and managing a multigenerational workforce. In order to benefit from the improved efficiency that comes with digital natives’ quick adoption of new technology, a strong WFM solution is a must.

With Astea’s Alliance Enterprise, your business can build customized employee portals, on-demand training videos, job wikis, and more. Astea’s mobile app enables younger and contingent workers who haven’t had the benefit of working side-by-side with seasoned technicians access these job notes and tutorials in the field.

See the Connections Between WFM Solutions and Best-in-Class Status

Are you ready to find out more about how workforce management solutions help best-in-class organizations develop and improve CX, employee development programs, and operations overall?

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  • How your business measures up using the top 5 metrics that define best-in-class service companies.
  • Which customer interaction channels best-in-class organizations use.
  • What top 10 technologies CX leaders plan to adopt in 2019.
  • How to weave CX into your company DNA.

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