What Is Field Service Management Software—And Why Do You Need It?

8/10/2019 / Field Service / Katia Loboda

Male technician in helmet and reflective vest uses a field service management app via tablet computer while in the field.

Does your company want to…

  • Manage the technicians and engineers you send out on service calls more efficiently so you can expand your customer base?
  • Ensure you earn consumers’ repeat business by improving customer service and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry?
  • Cut your operating costs and see a healthier, more profitable bottom line?

If any or all of these questions describe your organization’s goals, then you should be adopting field service management (FSM) software.

Here at Astea, we’ve been helping businesses make the most of FSM software for 40 years. We’ve learned a lot in the process, and we want to share what we know with you.

Astea Has Answers to Frequently Asked FSM Software Questions

What exactly is FSM software?

At its most basic, it’s business management software that helps companies manage the staff and resources they deploy in the field. But that definition only scratches the surface.

FSM software can help you better meet consumer expectations by tracking vehicles, jobs in progress, and recording customer communications. You can use that same data to inform your training and improve your operating procedures.

With your FSM software’s mobile app, field workers can access all the information stored in your office CRM solution. As a result, they can approach each job and customer with a more informed perspective and a higher degree of professionalism.

In addition, many FSM solutions include service call management software that provides call center staff with on-demand access to past customer interactions, service histories, job notes, and more. Consequently, staff can resolve customer concerns in less time and with more expertise.

Man in business suit holds a tablet computer which shows field service management software features on the mobile app interface.

Here are just a few industries in which companies like yours have successfully used FSM software to drive profits and improve customer satisfaction:

  • Package shipping
  • Telecommunications
  • Engineering and construction
  • Health care and medical devices
  • Food service equipment
  • Industrial equipment servicing
  • HVAC

What Are Important Field Service Management Software Features?

Feature-rich field service software can help streamline operations in almost every aspect of your business.

Some core features field service companies cite as the most important reasons they adopted FSM software include:

  • Automated scheduling and dispatching
    Real-time traffic data and telematics optimizes routing and reduces truck rolls, helping keep your fleet management costs down.
  • Navigation and vehicle tracking
    Customers can track a dispatched tech’s location in real time, eliminating uncertainty and easing any frustration caused by waiting.
  • Mobile invoicing
    Technicians can collect and settle customer payments at the site of a job, and can also offer cross-sells and upsells on the spot, generating more revenue per customer for your company.
  • Detailed reports
    Closely monitoring every aspect of your business operations, from contract management to profitability, enables your team to make data-driven decisions that lead to better service delivery.
  • Contract and warranty management
    Software enabling easy tracking of various contract types smooths service delivery and shortens billing cycles, putting revenue in your accounts more rapidly.

Field service software solutions can be deployed on-premises, via cloud-hosted services, or with a hybrid solution.

Thanks to reduced IT infrastructure costs, quick deployment, and an agile IT environment, cloud solutions are growing in popularity. Many enterprises—up to 83%, in fact—now use cloud hosting to deploy their service management solutions.

How Does Field Service Management Software Assist Digital Transformation?

By using FSM software, your company can reap the benefits of digital transformation in the following ways:

  • Customer information and business intelligence capabilities will help your sales team better serve both new and existing customers, identify sales opportunities, and compress the cash-to-contract cycle.
  • Automation technology helps reduce human error, maximize equipment uptime, and improve customer interactions through the service lifecycle.
  • Contract and warranty management features help increase asset management by automatically generating work orders, scheduling preventive maintenance, and assigning the entitlements and equipment required for contract fulfillment.

Astea Can Help Your Business Build for the Future

Now that you know more about what field service management software is, do you see how it can help your whole team—from dispatchers to call center personnel, from back-office staff to the executive suite—work more effectively and deliver greater satisfaction to your customers?

If you’re ready to modernize your field service operations, it may be time to consider a field service management software built for the future.

Want to learn more about how your business can benefit from FSM solutions? Download this field service infographic.

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